ornithogalum dubium

calicap(z9 SF bay)October 12, 2005

I just bought some bulbs of ornithogalum dubium. I believe my weather is similar to South African weather, with dry summers, wet and mild winters. There were no instructions with the bulbs, other than using well-drained soil and a sunny location. How close do you usually plant them? How heavily do you fertilize? I want to plant them outdoors (winters temperatures rarely go below freezing).



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MarcR(z 8 OR)

You can space them as you like. They like to clump in tight groups but they will accomplish that on their own. This species is not invasive but does increase quickly.

Fertilize with a 10 6 6 fertilizer Epsom salt (Magnesium sulfate)and bonemeal 1/2 TBS each per bulb worked into the soil about 6 inches in every direction will also be helpful.

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calicap(z9 SF bay)

Thanks, MarcR, that's very useful info.

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