Nerine sarniensis

conroe_joe(9a)October 5, 2003


I obtained some bulbs of Nerine sarniensis (Guernsey Lily) last spring in a trade with a regular contributor of the South African forum. She sent a lot of bulbs in exchange for some plants of mine.

I potted them up in fast-draining soil that is about 40% compost, 30% perlite, and 30% coarse sand, placing the bulbs high. The are fairly crowded in their pot, about 7 bulbs in a 10 inch pot. I watered them once or twice when I got them but let them go dry as hot weather was soon upon this part of Texas. When they seemed quite dry, and the tops had died down, I put them indoors where the humidity is low (compared to outdoors). Their summer temperature was 70-85, and they sat high on a shelf in the laundry room.

Night temperatures have dropped to the low 60s (F), and IÂm quite eager to bring the plants into growth. I took them down this week, they are still firm and happy-seeming, I gave them a good watering and set them in a sunny location. I hope to keep them outdoors all winter, on a sunny porch. Temperatures can sometimes drop to 20-25 F overnight, but I suspect theyÂll tolerate a bit of cold while sitting next to the house foundation.

How much water do they need, especially in pots? Do they want fertilizer now, what type of fertilizer do they require? Is there anything special to consider because they were moved last spring?


Here is a link that might be useful: Nerine sarniensis

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modjadje(Willamette Valley Zone 8)

Joe, mine are just sending up scapes now. I was delighted to find some, as they were repotted when I lifted them and sent you some of the biggest ones. Mine are in pots with other plants, so they regularly got watered all summer long. They were dormant, out of sight. A few weeks ago the leaves started to come up, and now there are a few scapes.

As far as coldhardiness goes, these same bulbs were outdoors in a large tub against a southfacing wall. As you know, our winters are very wet (50 plus inches of rain) and quite cold; nights were routinely down to the low twenties and for a spell of several days the temp was 14 degrees. Yet, here they are, blooming. It seems that they are fairly hardy.

I hope that you have a few scapes by now.

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What does it mean when some bulbs leaf out, and others don't (even 3-4 weeks after the others leafed out)? The leafless bulbs seem firm and not mushy or rotted.

I wonder if some of them were repotted and lost roots, and then I kept them dry all summer and they are making roots now that I have watered them. If so, I suppose (hope) that they will leaf out eventually.

I'm glad to hear the plant survive the summer with some rain. However, I interpret the news cautiously. Our summers are so hot. This summer we had 2 months when it was seldom below 75-80 F at night and mostly 95 F in the day. I wonder if temperature makes a difference in how summer-dormant plants deal with wetness.


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