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ishareflowersJanuary 23, 2013

Please post your completed wish list here....

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want list
I love petunia*, Impatience* (not balsam), alysuum, 6-8" flowering plants like bacopa, Chaenarrhinum, coleus, primula carnation etc. and can take any and all.

--Kochia any, Summer Cypress Kochia childsii (**really love it)
--Primrose 'Viennese Waltz'(** really love)
--Poppy--Oriental 'Princess Victoria Louise' (** love to have it)
--Poppy 'Falling in Love' (** love it)
--Petunia Supertunia **** or any thing similar
--Petunia Cascadias ***
--Petunia surfinia ***
--Campanula Blue Chips
--Dianthus pop star (double flowered)****
--Campanula Persicifolia White
--Campanula Persicifolia Blue
--platycodon-fuji pink
--zebra grass-little nicky
--campanula-white clips
--celosia-new look red
--Sweet William 'Newport Pink' (** really love)
--Sweet william Dynasty pink magic, orchid, White Blush, purple, mixed,
--Petunia any and all (**really want)
--Impatience (not balsam) any and all (**really want)
--Impatience super Elfin XP Starburst Mix, Super Elfin Salmon Splash, Super Elfin Series, any mixed
--Impatience Accent Premium Violet Star, orange star or mixed
--Impatiens 'Envoy Peach Butterfly'
--Impatiens walleriana blue pearl
--Petunia Phantom**
--Petunia tropical punch
--Petunia 'Sophistica Blue
--Petunia Celebrity Pink Morn
--Petunia Aladdin Nautical Hybrid Mix
--Petunia Dolcissima Flambe
--Petunia Shock Wave Coral Crush
--Petunia Horizon Yellow
--Petunia, Blue a Fuse
--Petunia Freedom Red Halo
--Petunia Calibrachoa Superbells (**)
--California Poppy 'Bridal Bouquet'
--Coreopsis mahagony midget red (**)
--Primula - Acaulis, Libre Mix, Polyanthus or any similar
--carnation mounding type any
--Carnation Stripes and Picotee, Clove Drops, any trailing, lemon Fizz, any yellow, Grenadin Golden sun, Grenadin series
--Venus's Looking Glass
--Gypsophila** (Baby's Breath) pink (light, dark),
--Marigold/African - **Antigua Yellow, Vanilla, Discovery series yellow, orange or any similar
--Angelonia Archangel Series
--Dianthus Fire star red** Neon Star**, pop star, firewitch**, eastern star, Raspberry Surprise
--coleus orange/reds, picture perfect red,
--coleus marble giant exhibition or any exhibition series
--Lobelia - 'Blue Cascade' any whites
--Lobelia pendula 'Cascade Mixed' or single colors
--Lobelia Pendula Sapphire
--Lobelia Regatta series
--Alyssum: **Lobularia any, Lobularia Snow Princess, Aphrodite Mix, Easter Bonnet Deep Pink, Wonderland Blue, Wonderland Mix, Easter Bonnet Pastel Mix, any peach, bronze, lavender, orange, pinks, (NO other whites, lemon, yellow, purple please, I have these)
--Bacopa cordata 'Snowtopia White' or any
--Poppy paeoniflorum 'Oph la la'
--Orental poppy any pinks, reds or any
--Phlox d.rummondii 'Phlox of Sheep'
----Phlox 'Coral Reef'
--Clematis red, nelly mooser or double type
--Cypress Vine 'Mixed Feathers'
--Stock--Virginia 'Spring Sparkle'
--Lantana, Purple, white, any trailing
--Dahlia dinner plate or big double blooms
--Rudbeckia Toto Lemon, Prairie Sun, toto any, irish eyes,
--Celosia Sparkler series, Sparkler Carmine, Rainbow Sherbet, plumosa or similar feather type only
--Ornamental grass fiber optic, pony tail grass
--**Creeping phlox any
--Creeping Baby's Breath any
--Hollyhock Salmon Queen, Chamois, golden yellow, Bride's Bouquet, Celebrities Lemon, celebrities mixed, Fig 'Happy Lights', 'Peaches & Dreams'
--Wall Rockcress any
--Amaranth 'Joseph's Coat'
--Blanket Flower 'Red Plume'
--Calendula 'Art Shades'
--Cosmos 'Rose Bonbon'
--Cosmos 'Snowpuff'
--Columbine 'Crimson Star'
--German Catchfly 'Patio Mix'
--Lavatera 'Pink Blush'
--Nasturtium 'Caribbean Cocktail'
--Hibiscus Southern Belle,

--Basil minnet**, Spicy Bush (Greek Basil), Amethyst Improved, Basil 'Pistou'
--Rosmary any
--Strawberry temptation, Rainbow Treasure, Merlan, Beltran, Tristan
--Spinach Palco Hybrid Spinach, Renegade, Olympia, Strawberry Spinach,
--Sweet Million Hybrid Tomato****
--Pepper Atris Hybrid, Cubanelle
--Bean--French 'Velour', 'Jade'
--Lettuce Skyphos M.I.,


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I'm not sending that many but these are what I would be interested in:

Greasy beans or pretty much any snap beans
Peas - sugar snap, any edible pod variety
Pretty much any cucumbers
Early watermelons
Early sweet corn
Fava beans
Any perennial vining flower/plant that will grow well in zone 4
Snake gourds or any unusual gourd
Round zucchini
Black oil sunflower
Any flower that grows well in zone 4 that attracts butterflies
No radishes, can't seem to grow a radish, I've tried
Any unusual pumpkins or squash

Many thanks

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Lisa, you always do a wonderful job with this swap.

In general I am always looking for annuals and tender perennials that can be grown as annuals, especially but not exclusively ones with white, cream, pale yellow, peach, salmon, brick-red or orange-red foliage or flowers. Thanks to many swaps and purchases I have quite a collection of Marigolds already.
Also any annual poppies from any genus including Argemone, Papaver, Eschscholzia, Glaucium, etc.
Agastache barberi
Agastache mexicana or neomexicana
Ageratum houstonianum, white
Amaranthus caudatus 'Viridis'
Amaranthus tricolor, orange/red foliaged varieties
Casaba Melon
Campanula medium, this species in particular, especially double forms
Celosia cristata, any Bombay
Dahlia variabilis, any, but Sunny Reggae especially
Crotalaria rotundifolia
Dahlberg Daisy
Daisy Gourd especially but also other small winged and warted gourds
Dicranostigma franchetianum
Gomphrena haageana, red or orange
Ornamental Peppers
Manettia luteorubra, Firecracker Vine
Melampodium "Lemon Delight"
Mirabilis dichotoma
Mirabilis jalapa, ordinary 4 'o' clocks in broken colors or bicolors and solids other than magenta/fuchsia or yellow.
Nicotiana langsdorfii, Cream Splash only
Nicotiana tabacum variegata
Nicotiana "Starship Red"
Phacelia purshii
Polygala lutea
Pentas lanceolata, any
Portulaca oleracea
Proboscidea louisianica subsp. fragrans
Ruellia elegans
Salvia wagneriana
Salvia, "hot" colored annuals
Sesbania drummondii
Tomato, Dwarf Sweet Sue
Verbascum, any white or peach

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*Aegopodium variegata
*Allium-schubertii-forclock-summer drummer-mt.everst---------- silverspring- any giants, whites and blues
*Angelica gigas-this years seed
*Agastache hardy in zone 5 esp. Black Adder-Ava-Orange
Flare-New Mexico-Rosita-Purple Pygmy- any pinks and reds *Agastache cana***
*Agapanthus esp.Cold Hardy White
*Alstroemera-Inca Ice or any hardy to zone 5
*Amsonia-any named
*Anacyclus-Garden Gnome
*Andromedia-Blue Ice
*Antranthus ruber-any named
*Antirrhinum nanum-Twinny Peach-Frosted Flames or any named
prefer doubles and bi colors
*Anchusa azurea - *Aquilegia-any named
*Arabis caucasica or any named
*Achilla-Snowport-Heidi- etc. any named(have yellow)
*Anemone-any named esp. Whirlwind-Queen Charloette-Pamina
*Amsonia jonesii-Jones Bluestar
*Arenaria- Wallowa Mts.
*Armeria-have pink
*Aruncus dioicus-goatsbeard any named white
*Aster- blues and whites-Bluebird-Blue Knoll
*Asteromea mongolia
*Astrantia******(any)esp. Buckland
*Athyrium any named
*Aubrieta (rockcress)
*Baptisia esp. twilight prarie blues- purple Smoke-yellow ---- and white
*Bergenia-esp. Rosi Klose
*Bird of paradise
*Belamcanda chinensis-Hello Yellow
*Bellium minutum
*Bletilla striata-Hardy Chinese Orchid
*Boltonia asteroids
*Bouteloua gracilis-Blonde Ambition
*Brunnera macrophylla-Emerald Mist-Looking Glass
*Buddiea (butterfly bush) any named
*Buphthalmum speciosum
*Calendula ****-any named that I don't have-esp. Sherbert Fizz-Apricot Twist LOVE THEM ALL
*Calibrachoa-million bells
*Callirhole involucrate
*Candy lily except orange
*Chelone (turtlehead)any
*Ceratasligma plumbaginoides
*Chrysanthemum any named
*Cimicifuga any esp.dark colors
*Clematis recta Purpurea Select
*Coleus- Chocolate Mint, Any Giant Exibition, Kong series or any named
*Coreopsis-Alba-Sweet Dreams-Creme Brulee-American Dream-Jethre Tull --Sienna Sunset-Sunfire-Snowberry-Dreamcatcher-Star - -Cluster-Cosmic Evolution-Mercury Rising-Route 66-Cosmic Eye-Cosmic Evolution-Galaxy---any named
*Cosmos'-Antiquity**-any apricot, reds-unusal,doubles and bon bons esp cranberry double click,**Choca Mocha,** Double Take**
*Cotoneaster horizontalis
*Chrysopsis villosa-(hairy golden aster)
*Clematis Claire De Lune- Pistachio-
---Belle of Woking
*Cymbalaria muralis-Kenworth Ivy
*Dalea purpureum
*Darmera peltata
*Delosperma cooperi
*Dianthus-Itsaul White-Horatio-Frosty Fire- Helen- Old Spice-Raspberry Surprise-Dark Towers-Firewitch-any newer short varieties
*Delosperma any named
*Ditamus alba
*Doronicum any named
*Dracocephalum Blue Ice
*Echinacea have magnus want colors other than purple
*Echinops rito
*Epimedium any
*Eranthis hyemalis any
*Erigeron-Azure Fairy-Profusion-or any named
*Eryngium any
*Euphorium any named
*Euphorbia myrsinites
*Euphorbia polycroma
*Fern spores
*Filipendula meadowsweet Flore Plena or any named hardy to zone 5
*Fritillaria any
*Gaillardia **-Sunburst Tangerine**--Tokajer-
Apricot-Frenzy -Tizzy-etc,(have burgandy,yellow queen and goblin)
*Gaultherin procumbens (wintergreen)
*Gaura-Crimson Butterflies-Siskiyou-Blushing Butterflies, any new varieties
*Gerba Daisy-Any commercial seed***
*Geum*** any named
*Groundcovers -ajuga-desmosperma-lamium -sedum--etc.
*Hakonechloa-Nicolas or any named hardy in zone 5
*Hardy carnations named
*Helianthus-Autumn Beauty, Moulin Rouge, Peach Passion, -------Sundance Kid, Sungold, Velvet Queen,Key Lime, any doubles,red tints and pale yellow and white
*Heliopsis named
*Heucherella Bridget Bloom or any named
*Heucheras*** any named
*Hardy hibiscus***-Named esp.Cranberry Crush-Fireball-Party Favor- Peppermint Snapps-Kopper King-===Robert Fleming-Torchy-Old Yella-Fantasia-Dream Catcher-===Lady Baltimore-Blue RiverII-any reds
*Hardy geranium-any named-have Rozanne and Johnsons Blue
*Hemerocallis daylily- have plenty of yellow stellas-want ----Happy Returns or other colors and doubles
*Helianthemum mulabile
*Hesperaloe parviflora-Texas Red Yucca
*Hydrangela any named
*Hymenoxys acaulis-Sundancer Daisy
*Iris-bearded, japanese,siberian,lousiana, esp.**any reds,doubles,two and tri tone
*Ilex-any holly
*Lavandula-esp.White Grosso or pinks
*Ligularia ***esp. Bottle Rocket-Brett Marie Crawford
*Leucanthemum*** -Esther Reed-Aglaya or any others (I have Crazy, Alaska, Banna Cream and Becky)
*Lilium any
*Limonium latifolium
*Linaria alpina
*Lobelia-Ruby Slippers-Monet Moment-Fan Scarlet- Blue-Vedtarienris-Cardinalis
*Lobelia-any trailing
*Loniceria (honeysuckle)
*Malva-Snow White
*Meconopsis-types hardy to zone 5
*Mimosa- Pink Sparkles
*Miscanthus siensis
*Myosotis alpestris
*Monarda*** esp. any named
*Nemophila-Penny Black
*Nepeta any named esp. Blue Moon
*Osteospernum*** any named *Papaver-esp.Checkers***-Coral Reef-Pizzicato-any named
esp. white Have Brilliant
*Papaver nudicale esp. Flamango-Matador
*Papaver paeoniflorum esp.-Black Peony
*Paronychia-Silver nailwort
*Pulsatilla (pasque flower)hardy to zone 5
*Penstemon any new varieties esp.Stapleford Gem-Dark Towers-Blue Lips-Esprit-Elfin Pink-Miss Moneypenny-Precious Gem-Blue Mist-Coconino Country-Nearly Red-
Red Riding Hood *Saponaria-Alba
*Petunia-doubles-waves-any named
*Pennisetum esp.alopecuroides and Foxtrot
*Pennisetum oriental Karley Rose**
*Phemeranthus colycinum -Judith's Favorite
*Phlox hardy garden or creeping-prefer named
*Platycodon (balloon flower) pinks whites and doubles
*Primula japonica any named esp. Millers Crimson
*Primula noverna Deep Blue
*Primula-You and Me Blue**
*Pyrethrum- mixed
*Rudbeckia-Chim**-Hortensia-any newer varieties
*Salpiglossis sinuata-painted tongue
*Salvia azurea-Ultra Violet--Sensation Rose-Caradonna
*Salvia pachyphylla-Blue Flame-Giant Purple-May Night
*Salvia sclarea var. turkestanica
*Sanguisorba menziesii-Red Burnet
*Saponaria lempergii
*Scabiosa-*****prefer named but love them all
*Sedum-any esp.sedum rupestre**-sedum spurium-Dragons Blood
*Sempervivum- Live Forever
*Salvia-any named- have Rose Queen and unknown blues-
*Salvia viridis-
*Silene uniflora
*Stachys armena
*Stokesia lavis
*Tanacetum niveum esp. White Bouquet
*Tellina Grandiflora
*Thalictrum delavayi
*Thymus-have Mother of thyme
*Tragopogon salsafy
*Tropical hibiscus to grow as a houseplant
*Verbascum any named esp. Copper Rose, Carribean Crush, Southern Charm-Violette,-Jackies (have NOID white and yellow)
*Verbena canadensis
*Veronica (speedwell)esp.Fairytail-Ramona
*Waldsteinia Fragarioides
*Zauschneria california-Waynes Select
*Any zone 5 perennials that I don't have(I like surprises)
any tall perennial with pink flowers***
*Any unusual or self sowing annuals
*Any type of daisy***
*Snapdragons esp. doubles and multicolors
*Zinnas- esp. candycane- whirligig-Queen red lime-Green Lime-Cactus-Old Mexico-any named
*Tomato-Amana Orange-Tumbling Tom
*Cucumber- Collier-Salt and Pepper or your favorite slicing
*Romaine Lettuce
*Sweet or mildly hot peppers
*Zuchinni-your favorite
*Squash-Buttercup-Uncle David's Dakota Dessert
*Ornamental grass hardy to zone 5-esp. like tall ones and bright colored ones (have a small start of zebra)
*Pond plants for zone5-no catails except minis
*Jose lilac***
*Dark Purple lilac
Vines-mandevilla-wisteria esp. white or pink-trumpet

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I'm not going to be picky. I'm new to gardening and love them all! Suprise me :) Do I still have time to send more if I see something on a list?

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just surprise me, I have no idea what I want right now.

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Before I post my wants list, here's a list of what I ABSOLUTELY DON'T need:

And here is what I would like to have:
Lime Basil
Cosmic Cosmos, especially the Gold
Sweet Peas
Rocket Larkspur


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My do-not-want list: Tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, pole beans, corn, melons.

My want list:
French Breakfast Radish
Saxa 2 Radish
Bush Limas/Butter Peas/Butter Beans
Dusty Miller
Money Plant

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I pretty much put my entire "want list" from my page on here (obviously different than what I sent you in the mail...LOL). You send whatever you like...not picky! I really do not need a thing!

Thanks so much!

named Zinnias
named Cosmos
Snapdragons Twinny series
Linaria Licilia Peach
Love In A Mist Persian Red
Dianthis annuals and perennials
Lenten Rose
Bat Flower
Nast Compact variegated leaves
Nast Alaska Scarlet
No climbing Nasturium

Impatiens Super Sonic (any color)
Impatiens Rockapulco (any color)

Painted Toungue Black Trumpets
Painted Toungue Little Friends

Sunflower Magic Roundabout
Sunflower Pan
Sunflower The Joker

Hollyhock Peaches n Dreams
Hollyhock Appleblossom
Red/Crimson Double Hollyhock
Yellow Double Hollyhock

Rusty Foxglove (Digitalis furruginea)...good for dry shade
Foxglove Dalmation series
Foxglove Dwarf

Verbena Peaches and Cream
Verbena reseeding

Lobelia cascading, blues, scarlet, white

Tobacco Lime Green
Tobacco Crimson Bedder
Tobacco Woodland

Huechera in lighter shades

Sun or shade loving coleus, no red, burgandy, coral, lighter shades

Petunia wave, easy wave, shock wave, tidal wave
Petunias that self sow...
Laura Bush Petunias
Double, white, blue, purple, lavender

Aquilegia (Columbine) Winky Double Rose and White
" " Winky Double Red and White
" " Crimson Star
" " Koralle
" " Double Pleat Blackberry
" " Tower Pink
" " Sunburst Ruby

Amaranthus "Josephs Coat"

coconut lime
Tomato Soup
Ruby Giant
Red Knee High
Rasberry Tart
Quills and Thrills
Kim's Mophead
Hot Lava
Green Jewel
Fatal Attraction
Fancy Frills
Coral Reef



Shishito Pepper
Padron Pepper
Productive Jalapeno


KBX (Indeterminate)
Rinaldo " "
Berkley Tie Dye (Indeterm)
Pink Berkley Tie Dye (Indeterm)
Mountain Princess (determinate)


Pigeon Peas
Bush bean that loves heat!
Bean (Bush) Contender
Productive Pole bean that loves heat (no Rattlesnake)
Japanese Long Cucumber
other productive slicing cucumber
Minnesota Midget Melon
Melon that grows well on a there such a thing...LOL
Insuk Wang Kong bean


White Borage
Basil large leaf

on 2-27-2013 adding

beets any
balsam impatiens
any named impatiens
peony poppies

Thanks Lisa!

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atravers(zone 5)

Here's my wish list. It's been good to see the others posted here. Great variety!

Alyssum 'Giga White', 'Snow Crystals', 'Carpet of Snow' (or similar varieties)
Shirley Poppy, single and double
Echinacea 'White Swan', 'Primadonna', 'Primadonna White', 'Bravado', 'PowWow Wild Berry','PowWow White' (any that will grow true from seed)
Monarda 'Bergamo', 'Lambada', Panorama Mix (any that will grow true from seed)
Nasturtium - tall climbing/trailing varieties preferably, colorful varieties
Malabar Spinach vine
Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine
Hibiscus 'Luna Rose', 'Disco Belle Rosy Red' (or similar varieties)
Sweet Peas
Large Gourds - Crafter's types such as Corsican, Dipper

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crystalline_ca(z9 CA)

Here's my wish list:

Dwarf Rosella Purple Tomato
Dwarf Summertime Green Tomato
Dwarf Summertime Gold Tomato
Dwarf Mr. Snow Tomato
Dwarf Wild Fred Tomato
Dwarf Beryl Beauty Tomato
Dwarf Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato
Dwarf Jade Beauty Tomato
Dwarf Sweet Sue Tomato
Dwarf Kelly Green Tomato
New Big Dwarf Tomato
Any other dwarf tomato
Mrs. Maxwell's Big Italian Tomato
Sun Sugar Tomato F1
Jet Star Tomato F1
Ananas Noire Tomato
Monkey Ass Tomato
Brad's Black Heart Tomato
Michael Pollen Tomato
Large Barred Boar Tomato
Pink Furry Boar Tomato
Black Zebra Tomato
Black Early Tomato
1884 Purple Tomato
Black Magic Tomato
Japanese Trifele Yellow Tomato
Remy Rouge Tomato
German Red Strawberry Tomato
Linnie's Oxheart Tomato
Ukrainian Heart(TNMUJ Strain) Tomato
Andrew Rahard's Jumbo Red Tomato
Aunt Ginny's Purple Tomato
Chris Ukranian Tomato
Earl of Edgecombe Tomato
Gogosha Tomato
Herman's Yellow Tomato
Lilian's Yellow Heirloom Tomato
Noir De Crimee Tomato
Olena Ukranian Tomato
Pale Perfect Purple Tomato
Arbuznyi Tomato
Captain Lucky Tomato
Cherokee Green Tomato
German Johnson Tomato
Humph Tomato
Lucky Cross Tomato
Northern Lights Tomato
Green Moldovan Tomato
Anna Maria's Heart Tomato
Beaverlodge Slicer Tomato
Bursztyn Tomato
Piriform Tomato
Piovano Tomato
Kimberly Tomato
Insuk�s Wang Kong Bean
Algarve French Climbing Bean
Buerre de Rocquencourt Bush Bean
Capitano Bush Bean
Any Fava Bean, especially Gigante and Extra Precoce Violetto
Yancheng bush yardlong bean
Minute Man Cauliflower
Any purple or orange headed cauliflower
Cauliflower Vitaverde F1
Mizuna Purple
Kale Ripbor F1
Kale Winterbor F1
Flash Collard F1
Savoy Cabbage Famosa F1
Any Savoy Cabbage
Purple colored mustard, any variety
Purple colored baby bok choy
Brussel Sprouts Falstaff
Brussel Sprouts Rubine
Brussels Sprout Trafalgar F1
Brussel Sprout Churchill F1
Brussel Sprout Jade Cross F1
Broccoli Imperial F1
Broccoli Arcadia F1
Broccoli Green Magic F1
Broccoli Major
Broccoli Premium Crop F1
Broccoli Goliath
Kale Palmizio Senza Testa
Indigo Radicchio F1
Verde De Taglio Swiss Chard
Yellow or Orange Swiss Chard
Minowase Daikon
Chinese White Winter Radish
Poona Kheera Cucumber
Ma-Zu Eggplant
Millionaire Eggplant F1
Little Fingers Eggplant
Slim Jim Eggplant
Malaysian Dark Red Eggplant
Fengyuan Purple Eggplant
Swallow Eggplant F1
Japanese Pickling Eggplant
Korean Red Eggplant or any flattened red eggplant
New Ace Bell Pepper F1
Ace Bell Pepper F1
Imperial Star Artichoke
Any artichoke
Any perilla

Babys Breath (Gypsophila Paniculata)

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Lisa, hear is my wish list.

Agastache � Apache Sunset
Agastache � Arcado pink
Asarina � Sky Blue
Asclepias � incarnate � red milkweed
Asclepias � Red Swallowort
Asclepias � Tuberosa
Asperula � Blue Woodruff
Aster � Alpinus
Borage - officials
California Poppy � Bridal Bouquet
California Poppy � Mission Bells
California Poppy � Rosa Romantica
Cerinthe � Kiwi Blue
Cobea � alba
Dianthus � plumarius
Dianthus � Rainbow Loveliness
Dianthus � superbus
Echinacea � Cheyenne Spirit
Echinacea � Pow Wow Wild Berry
Hollyhock � Peaches & Dreams or any purple or red
Nicotiana � Crimson Bedder, Woodland or any
Penstemon�s � any
Poppies � Somniferum�s, Laciniatum�s or Paeoniflorum�s
Quinoa seed � (grain)
Rhodochiton � Purple Bell Vine
Salvias � any
Sedums � tall or short
Snapdragons � shorter varieties

Thank you


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hibiscusfan zone5-Northwest Ohio(5 northwest Ohio)

Lisa I updated my wants list.

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Here's my wish list, though I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever I's always nice to try something new. This year I'm looking for bright orange annuals of any kind. I'm also fond of plants with extremely (nicely!) fragrant foliage or flowers.
Thanks for hosting, Lisa!
Agastache mexicana 'Carlisle Carmine'
Agastache pringlei
Alkanna orientalis-Oriental Alkanet
Amaranthus tricolor 'Red Sea'
Amaranthus tricolor var. salicifolius 'Fountain Flames' or 'Flaming Fountains' or similar
Angelica archangelica 'Corinne Tremaine'
Anthemis tinctoria-Golden Marguerite 'E.C. Buxton'
Antirrhinum-Snapdragons-any that are noticably fragrant
Antirrhinum-Snapdragons-tall yellow or white, 'Copper Queen'
Argemone sanguinea-Red Prickly Poppy
Asarina procumbens
Asclepias speciosa-Showy Milkweed
Buphthalmum salicifolium-Yellow Oxeye Daisy
Calceolaria x 'Sunset Mix'
Calceolaria pavonii
Callistephus chinensis-Aster 'California Sunshine' only
Campanula glomerata-Clustered Bellflower (have white)
Centaurea macrocephala-Giant Knapweed
Centranthus ruber 'Roseus'
Chrysanthemum coccineum 'Primrose Gem'
Coreopsis gigantea
Corydalis-any that bloom blue or white
Corydalis nobilis
Cosmos bipinnatus-any apricot
Cosmos bipinnatus 'Double Crested' or any crested (these aren't the 'double click' types)-have 'Pink Popsock/Popsicle'
Cosmos peucedanifolius 'Flamingo'
Craspedia globosa-Golden Drumstick
Delphinium brunonianum-Musk Larkspur
Delphinium chinensis 'Butterfly Rose'
Dianthus petraeus v. noeanus-Snowflake Garden Pink
Dianthus x allwoodii 'Aqua', 'Candy Dish', 'Frosty Fire', 'Helen', 'Raspberry Tart'
Echinacea laevigata-Smooth Coneflower
Echinacea purpurea-any cultivar, particularly 'Pink Double Delight', 'Prairie Frost', 'Prairie Splendor', 'Ruby Giant', 'The King'
Echinacea simulata-Wavyleaf Purple Coneflower
Ephedra sinica
Epilobium fleischeri-Fireweed
Equisetum japonicum-Barred Horse Tail
Erigeron linearis-Desert Yellow Fleabane
Euphorbia hypericifolia
Euphrasia stricta-Eyebright**
Filipendula purpurea-Japanese Meadowsweet
Galactites tomentosa
Galactites tomentosa alba
Geranium-'Midnight Reiter', 'Victor Reiter Jr', rubescens, traversii Elegans
Geranium maderense and other species Geraniums
Geranium robertianum***
Geum rivale 'Lemon Drops'
Gypsophila repens-pink
double or crested sunflowers (except 'Golden Glow')
Helianthus argophyllus*
Heterotheca (Chrysopsis) villosa-Golden Aster
Lathyrus aureus-Golden Pea
Lathyrus latifolius-Everlasting Pea-any other than pink
Leucanthemum x superbum-Shasta Daisy-'Ice Star', 'Sante', 'Silver Spoons'
Lilium canadense-Canada Lily
Limonium gmelinii-Siberian Statice
Lobularia maritima-Sweet Alyssum in separate colors, particularly 'Rosie O'Day', 'Bonnet Peach', 'Aphrodite Red'
Lychnis chalcedonia 'Alba'-White Maltese Cross
Lychnis flos-jovis-Rose of Heaven
Meconopsis napaulensis-pink
Melissa officinalis-Lemon Balm 'Gold Leaf'
Mimulus-any hybrid
Moltkia petraea
Moltkia suffruticosa
Nicotiana alata 'Crimson King' only
Onopordum acaulon-Stemless Thistle
Opuntia-Prickly Pear Cactus-red or orange flowered-zone 5/6 hardy
Papaver orientale-Oriental Poppy-white, shades of purple, orange
Pelargonium suburbanum
Pelargonium species
Peltoboykinia watanabe
Petunias (commercial preferred)in separate solid colors
Petunia integrifolia-white or baby pink only
Pimpinella major 'Rosea'
Primula florindae 'Apricot Shades', 'Sunset'
Portulaca 'Sundial Peach'
Pycnanthemum clinopodioides-Basil Mountain Mint
Pyrethrum-doubles with crested centers such as 'Rose Mist'
Seseli gummiferum-Moon Carrot
Silene pendula-Nodding Catchfly-any
Solanums with large thorns
Tanacetum balsamita-Costmary
Tanacetum cinerariifolium-Dalmation Pyrethrum
Tanacetum macrophyllum-Rayed Tansy
Tropaeolum-Nasturtium 'Lavender Jewel'
Valeriana montana
Valeriana officinalis 'Coccinea'***
Verbena rigida-white
Veronica spicata-white
Viola-any commercial-no johnny jump ups, please
Viola-older varieties, such as: 'Alpenglow', 'Apricot Queen', 'Blue Dream', 'Coronation Gold', 'Eileen', 'Freys Fragrant', 'Jersey Gem', 'John Wallman', 'Lake of Thun', 'Marie Louise', 'Normandie', 'Royal Robe', 'Vixen'
VIOLA koreana 'Syletta', 'Mars'
Wisteria-blue, pink or white
Xanthisma texana-Sleepy Daisy
Zaluzianskya (Glumicalyx) crocea
Zaluzianskya (Glumicalyx) goseloides
Zinnias-'California Giant Pink Lady', 'Poly Pink', 'Salmon Glow'
o Vegetables--COMMERCIAL seeds only, please, unless you're positive they'll come true--these only:
Peppers-Tobago Seasoning, Paprika Supreme
Tomatoes-I love growing tomatoes & would enjoy trying any that you wouldn't be without.
Winter Squash 'Green Delicious'-Hubbard type

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�Posted by gardenerz 8a (My Page) on
Thu, Feb 7, 13 at 3:44

Greek Sweet Red
Hokkaido Stella Blue
Knife River
Baby Bush
Blue Ballet
Bush buttercup
Burgess Strain
Emerald Strain
Mayo Blusher
P o t i m a r r o n
Burpee Butterbush Butternut
Silver Bell
Southern Miner's
Strawberry Crown
Table Gold
Uncle Dave's Dakota Dessert





CORN � Non-GMO YELLOW OR WHITE. [Early if known. I�m in Seattle

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Hi, here's my list -- many thanks for putting this swap together...the item I'm most interested in is gunnera seeds of any variety -- the bigger the better - I do concrete leaf castings and with these I can make garden bench and chair backs lol

GW name: Rhodes145
(Barbara Rhodes)

Pickling Cucumbers
Any unusual smaller cucumbers
Cherry tomatoes: any type and black
Hot Peppers: any hot varieties

Summer Savory
Sweet Annie
Winter Savory

Achillea ptarmica "The Pearl"
Aloe: Arborescens (Torch, Krantz, or any)
Aloe Castanea: Cat�s Tail Aloe
Aloe Marlothii: "Flat Flowered Aloe"
Alonsoa Meridionalis: Mask Flower � Red or Any
Alstroemeria (especially red, but any)
Amaranthus Caudatus "Opopeo" - Any with bronze leaves
Anagallis Monelli "Blue Pimpernel"
Antirrhinum "Defiance" or any red
Apple Gourd � Lageneria
Begonia Boliviensis (any)
Belladonna Delphinium � "Cliveden Beauty" � or any
Bletilla: Hyacinth or any
Catmint: Nepeta x faassenii
Chocolate Vine: Akebia Quinata
Christmas Rose � Helleborus
Clematis � Virgin�s Bower or any that are likely to germinate
Coleus (any with darker or bronzer leaves)
Coreopsis Tinctoria (Tiger Stripes, Mahogany, Calliopsis�)
Delphinium Elatum (New Zealand types, "NMD" especially blues)
Dianthus (especially gratianopoitanus, plumarius or barbatus)
Echinops � Globe Thistle
Echium Gentianoides "Tajinaste" or any
Echium Wildprelii: Tower of Jewels � Any
Gunnera Manicata � any gunnera***** Especially want: I do concrete leaf castings and these are amazing for: can actually make furniture out of these lol
Hairy Balls � Asclepias Physocarpa
Heliophila longifolia
Kale, flowering � Brassica Oleracea
Kiwi � Actinidia Deliciosa
Linaria reticula (any but especially flamenco or anything red)
Lobelia � blue or any
Love Lies Bleeding: Green Amaranthus Caudatus Viridis
Morning Glory: Any Japanese types especially blue but any
Nemophila � Blue eyed
Nicotiana alata: lime green
Orlaya Grandiflora (any color but especially "Minoan Lace" � white)
Passionflower � Passiflora Caerulea � Blue, but any type
Rose Campion � Lynchnis Coronaria �
Russian Sage
Sage (Painted)- Salvia Viridis (blue)
Scarlet Bidi-Bidi � Acaena Microphylla
Shrimp Plant: especially Blue - Cerinthe major Purpurascens
Snow on the Mountain - Euphorbia Marginata -
Virginia Bluebells � Mertensia Virginica

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Imabirdnut's Want List 2013

*(No ACID LOVERS--My Water is slightly ALKALINE!)
** NO Cosmos, Poppies, Grasses, Herbs, or Veggies either, please! Also, NO MILKWEEDS except what is listed below!!!

***Your BEST Butterfly & Swallowtail Host Plant Seeds, Please!
Abutilon x hybridum -- Red Flowering Maple
Acacia angustissima var. hirta -- Fern Acacia
Allium azureum (caeruleum)--Blue Allium
Allium cernuum --Nodding Onion
Allium stellatum--Prairie Onion
Alstroemeria ligtu hybrid--Peruvian Lily-Red or Rose preferably
Amorpha canescans--Lead Plant
Amsonia longiflora--Tubular Bluestar
Anaphalis margaritacea -- pearly everlasting
Antennaria sp.--pussy toes, any variety
Aristolochia californica
Aristolochia erecta--Swanflower
Aristolochia reticulata--Texas Dutchman's Pipevine
Aristolochia clematitis
Aristolochia coryi
Asclepias texana--Texas Milkweed
Asclepias purpurascens--Purple Milkweed
Asclepias variegata--Redring Milkweed
Calotropis gigantea--Giant Milkweed
Asarina--Asarina 'Victoria Falls'
Astragalus sp. -- Milk-vetch
Astragalus lotiflorus--Lotus Milk-vetch
Calendula officinalis--'Solar Flash Back Mix'
Camassia scilloides --Wild Hyacinth
Cassia javanica - apple blossom cassia, pink cassia
Castilleja sp.-- Indian Paintbrush
Cerinthe major-Kiwi Blue Honeywort
Centaurea cyanus-Cornflower Red Boy only
Cneoridium dumosum--Berry Rue
Coreopsis 'Cherry Pie', 'Strawberry Punch', 'Ruby Frost' -dwarf reds
Dalea candida--White Prairie Clover
Dicliptera brachiata -- False Mint
Dictamnus fraxinella 'Rubra' or Dictamnus alba--Gas Plant
Galactia spp. -- Milk-Peas
Geranium--Mint Chocolate Cherry, Pinto Bicolor, Tornado Red Ivy Geranium
Gilia capitata--Blue Thimble Flower
Gnaphalium obtusifolium --cudweed, sweet everlasting
Gnaphalium falcatum - cudweed
Helenium autumnale -- Sneezeweed--RED only!
Helichrysum petiolatum - licorice plant
Helichrysum thianschanicum - licorice icicles
Heliotropium arborescens--Heliotrope 'Marine'
Indigofera miniata - Scarlet Pea or Texas Indigo
Indigofera lindheimeriana--Lindeheimer's Indigo
Lespedeza spp. -- Bush Clovers
Linaria vulgaris--Butter & Eggs
Lotus spp. -- Deer-Vetch
Mertensia virginica --Virginia Bluebells
Mimosa pudica--Sensitive Plant
Nemophila menziessii--Baby Blue Eyes
Nigella damascene--'Persian Jewels Indigo' Love in a Mist only
Oxypetalum caeruleum--Southern Star
Penstemon barbatus--Red Penstemon
Penstemon hartwegii -- Red Penstemon
Penstemon murrayanus--Red Penstemon
Petunia hybrid--Wave Blue Hybrid Petunia only
Phacelia congesta--Blue Curls
Phlox paniculata--Blues or REDs only!
Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium--Sweet Everlasting
Ptilimnium capillaceum-- Mock Bishop's Weed
Ruta Odorata--Dwarf Rue
Ruta chalepensis--Fringed Rue
Schrankia uncinata --Sensitive Plant
Scutellaria incana--Downy Skullcap
Scutellaria wrightii--Bushy Skullcap
Skimmia repens--Skimmia
Stokesia--Blue Star Stokes' Aster
Thamnosma texana--Dutchman's Breeches
Tithonia--DWARF ONLY--Fiesta Del Sol ONLY
Trifolium rubens 'Red Feathers'
Viola pedata--Birdfoot Violet or other native violets for my shade garden
Zinnias--'ZOWIE' Yellow Flame & Whirligig or Carousel varieties only

Flowering Vines--NO PASSIONVINES or Clematis! Or common Morning Glories! Or "Non-native" Invasives!
Clitoria ternatea- 'Double Blue' Butterfly Pea Vine only
Tweedia(Tweedia caerulea)
Thunbergia alata--Red Black-eyed Susan Vine--'African Sunset' & 'Blushing Susie'-REDs only
Asarina antirrhinifolia or Maurandya --Snapdragon Vine-- ***'Magic Dragon', 'Mystic Rose'
Matelea reticulata--Pearl Milkweed Vine
Sarcostemma clausa - whitevine
Funastrum cynanchoides - Climbing Milkweed vine
Fancy BLUE only Japanese Morning Glory Vines---Hatsu Arashi, Keiryu, Tie Dye Blue, Blue Picotee, Seiryu - Blue Dragon, Matsukaze, Ukigumo

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Hi Lisa, here's my lists:
Don't need - green bell pepper, green beans or peas of any type
Would like -
Tree Kale** Really really want!
Asian Greens
Onions any Long day/day neutral
Green bunching type
Olpaka Tomato
Carson Yellow Wax Bean
Cherokee Yellow Wax Bean
Heirloom dry beans
5 color silver beet or any chard
Spinach (any)
Melon: Jenny Lind
Cream of Saskatchewan
Sweet Siberian
Queen Anne's' AKA Plum Granny,
Colored Bell Peppers
Cauliflower - Purple of Sicily
- Violetta Itallia
Broccoli - Romanesco Italia
Hardy Passion Flower
Trailing Lobelia any color
Monarch of the Veld Venidium fastuosum
Scented or Martha Washington Geranium

But, I'm not too picky.
Thanks for hosting this swap!

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Posting my long list. Thanks!
Arugula-Sylvetta Wild
Beans-Cowpeas (especially Blackeye Peas)
Beans-Pole Beans (especially Fotex, Rattlesnake)
Beans-Shell/Dry (especially Agate Pinto, Bingo, Black Coco, Calypso/Yin Yang, King of the Early, Midnight Black Turtle, Red Kidney, Tiger�s Eye)
Beans-Soybeans/Edamame (especially Beer Friend or any black variety)
Brussels Sprouts-Rubine
Cabbage-(especially Derby Day, Coeur de Bouf)
Cucumbers-Slicing (especially Beit Alpha, Boothby�s Blonde, Hmong Red, Richmond Green Apple)
Cucumbers-English/hothouse (any that grow well outdoors except Armenian)
Cucumbers Misc.-Mexican Sour Gherkin
Eggplant-any other than Galine & Purple Long. Prefer med. to lg. fruited varieties (especially Aswad, Casper, Diamond, Prosperosa, Rosita)
Herbs-any except catnip, chives, cilantro, cinnamon basil (or the other basils I already sent in) common mint, oregano, rosemary, or sage
Kale-(especially Improved Dwarf Siberian, Red Ursa, White Russian)
Lettuces-any; can�t find where I put my seeds from last year
Peas-shelling (especially Dakota, Green Arrow)
Radish-watermelon radish
Perpetual Spinach/Silverbeet
Spinach-any slow bolting (especially Galilee)
Summer Squash (especially Costata Romanesca)
Winter Squash (especially Blue Hubbard, Zephyr Delicata

Bells of Ireland
Calendula-especially Neon, Triangle Flashback
Chinese Asters-big, showy varieties, good for cutting/bouquets tall varieties preferred, no dwarfs
Coneflower-any orange, especially Supreme Cantaloupe, Coral Reef, Hot Papaya, Summer Sun
Dahlias-anything big and showy/interesting/dramatic-good for cutting/bouquets
Gomphrena- any orange variety
Marigolds-any yellow, orange, or white variety, especially Moonstruck Series, Vanilla
*Platycodon (balloon flower) any white
Poppy-Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis 'Lingholm), Miss Piggy, Venus, Picotee Poppies (any), Any annual good for cutting/bouquets.
Snapdragons-any tall varieties good for cutting/bouquets
Sunflowers-white or orange varieties, especially Moonshadow, Teddy Bear; Golden Cheer
Sweet William-especially white varieties
Zinnias-any varieties good for flower arrangements, especially double flowered varieties. DO NOT NEED Gold Medal Mix

*Any flowering plants good for cutting/bouquets (large flower heads preferred vs. filler) especially orange or white varieties. Annuals a plus for instant gratification ;o)

Tomatoes: (worthy of own category):
African Queen
Alice�s Egypt
Alina (hybrid)
Allegheny Sunset�
Amana Pink
Anna Banana Russian
Aunt Lou�s Underground Railroad
Bear Claw
Belize Pink Heart
Big White Pink Stripe
Big Raspberry
Black Bear
Black Giant
Brad�s Black Heart
Brandysweet Plum
Brazilian Beauty
Carie Claxon Yellow
Cleota Pink
Dawson's Russian Oxheart�
Depp�s Pink Firefly
Dr. Neal�
Duggin White
Eastham Pink Heirloom
Emma Pink
Eva�s Amish Stripe
Everett's Rusty Oxheart�
Fishlake Oxheart
Foxy Lady
Germaid Red
German Johnson
Glick�s Pride
Gramma Climenhaga
Grandfather Ashlock
Granny Cantrell�s
Halfmoon China
Hazel Mae
Heatherington Pink
Heaven�s Joy
Hege German Pink
Italian heirloom
Jean�s Prize
Julia Child
Justine Heart
Kalman�s Hungarian Pink
Kanauss Oxheart
Koroleva (Queen)
Linda�s Faux
Mano Sun sugar (hybrid)
Marizol Pink
Marizol Purple
Marvel Striped
Mary Robinson�s German
McClintock�s Big Pink
Mini Marzano
Mr. Hawkins
Mrs. Houseworth
Orange Minsk
Orange Santa
O�Sena Green
Oaxacan Jewel
Pearl�s Yellow Pink
Pelican Cherry
Petushynyi Grebeshok (Rooster�s Comb)
Pink Elephant
Polish Pastel
Purple Price
Purple Smudge
Red Calabash
Rideau Sweet
Rose d�Eauze
Rose Quartz
Royal Hillbilly
Russian Black
Sara Black
Slovenian Black
Southern Night
Sun Surprise
Sutton White
Sweet Sue (or Dwarf Sweet Sue)
Tennessee Britches
Tennessee Heirloom
Tiger Paw
Wanda�s Potato Top
White Tomesol
Woodle Orange
Woolly Kate
Zore�s Big Red

Edited to add some new wishes. Did not delete anything.

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Hi Lisa, Here is my wish list. Thank you for hosting =)

Aloe any
asters any
baboon flower
Banana AE AE MUSA , pink banana
bat plant
Bee Balm /Monarda ANY
begonia FLAMINGO
Bird of paradise or Giant Bird
Birdhouse gourd
bleeding heart any
blue alba
Brugmansia any
brunnera any
Bulbs any
butterfly bush/plant blue, pink, black, white, purple, any
caladium any
Calendula any
calla lily
Campanula any
castor bean
Chinese Lantern
chrysanthemum any
clematis any
cleome any
coleus any
Columbine any, looking for blue or black or pink
coneflower any
corkscrew flower/vine
Corn Blue, chocolate, peaches n cream, hopi pink
cup and saucer vine key lime or any
Datura any
daylily any
Echinacea whites, pinks
flamingo plant
Geraniums any
Gingers any
Gladiolus any
groundcovers any
Heuchera any
Hibiscus any hardy or tropical is ok
Hosta any
Hyacinth Bean Vine white or purple
iceplant any
impatients any
iris any: japanese, roof anything
jack in the pulpit
Japanese maple Tree
lettuce buttercrunch or head
Liatris any
lobster claw
Luffa gourd
Lupine any
Mandavilla pink or any
Medinilla Magnifica
Nasturiums any
onions any
Ornamental grasses PINK
painters pallette
Pansy any
passiflora any
Peony any
Peppers HOT, sweet, MILD or Ornamental ANY
Perilla purple or blacks
Petunia any
Phlox any
pineapple sage
pink squash
Portulaca any
prayer plant
Red Hot Poker
Salvia blues or pinks or red or ANY
Scabiosa any
Sedum any
Sempervium ANY
sensitive plant
shrimp plant ANY
Snapdragon ANY
Sunflowers ANY - would really like the orange or reddish ones
Sunflowers black magic
sweet peas any
Thyme orange, silver or any
Toad Lily
Tradescantia any
tree peony
Trillium any
turks cap lily
Veronica Blue
Weeping Cherry Tree
Weeping Willow Tree
Zinnia GREEN or any
Japanese maple Tree

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Wishlist for 2013 Commercial Swap

Hi Lisa, here's my wish list. I love plants/flowers with an intrinsic elegance that make their neighbors look good and colors within the complementary group of white, blue & orange and related hues (but exceptions too). I especially love anything that contributes to the garden's peaking in summer into fall up to frost. If you find anything on this list, that'll be great, and if you don't I'll be thrilled with that too.

- ageratum - white, low but medium okay
- Antirrhinum (Snapdragon)
---- 'Bronze Dragon'
---- Rocket Rose Shades
- Campanula cochlearifolia white
- Carnations - low or fancy Dynasty type
- Cephalaria alpina
- Ceratotheca triloba alba
- Consolida ajacis 'Cannes' Mix; 'Earl Grey'
- Daphne mezereum f alba white 3-4' z3b-8b (any daphne, though this one preferred)
- Dendranthema grandiflora - incurved or spider forms
- Epimedium
- Geranium - any dark leaved from Reiter series
- Helichrysum petiolare minus 'Silver Mist' (not tall, floppy strawflower)
- Lobelia x gerardii (syn L. Vedrariensis)
- Kalimeris pinnatifida (Mongolian or Genghis Kahn Aster) (syn. Asteromea mongolica) double form
- Oxalis with dark purple leaves
- Papaver triniifolium pale red-orangeFlwrs Silvery, pinnateLvs; or any low-growing poppy
- Pelargonium species that have scented leaves, like P. capitatum (Rose), P. fragrans (Nutmeg), - P. graveolens (Rose), P. tomentosum (peppermint scented geranium) - any scented geranium
- Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln' or any dwarf pennisetum or grass or grass-like plant
- Petunia 'Aladdin Nautical Mix' or any in the blue/violet/purple range
-- 'Blue Loveliness' blue 10"x16" all summer Sun/mostlySh z5a-9b
-- 'Bella Blue' blue-violet 6"-12" z5a-7b sun-PrtlSh tolerates dry heat
- Salvia chamaedryoides (silver-ish leaf form)
- Salvia coccinea 'Snow Nymph' or white
- Salvia cyanescens (white preferred, but blue wonderful anyway)
- Salvia repens
- Salvia - any low-growing ones, but no S. splendens
- Salpiglossis sinuata orange, or other
- Streptocarpus saxorum (syn Streptocarpella sp.)
- Teucrium fruticans or Teucrium marum (love those silver leaves)
- Thymus pseudolanuginosus(?) "Creeping Wooly Thyme"
- Torenia - blue
- Trachelospermum jasminoides (fragrant vine)
- Tropaeolum sessilifolium YellowThroat to PalePink; Velvet,SilverGrayLvs
- Verbascum 'Temptress' white
- Viola - any that are white with a lavender/purple picotee edge dated at least 2012 - low viabiity

Thanks for doing this swap,
ps - no vegies please

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�Posted by randysbirds 4 (My Page) on
Wed, Feb 13, 13 at 9:52

i would love to join your swap.
my want list is easy.
any toms
any beans
any lettuces
any winter squash

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zzackey(8b GA)

My wish list!
wild chicory
tomato soup echinacea
climbing strawberry
Tea plant Camellia sinensis
lemon thyme
wild thyme
yam, cinnamon
Mongolian yarrow
blessed thistle
Tagetes patula
Styrian pumpkins
Japanese pumpkins
stinging nettles-really really want this one!
chinese senna
garden sorrel
Chinese wolfberry
hulless popcorn
golden purslane
goji berries
fava beans
runner beans
pole limas-Aubrey Deane,Christmas and white Christmas
open pollinated sweet corn Black Mexican or Texan honey June
dent, flint or flour corns
popcorn Pennsyvania dutch butter flavored
bicolor or white corn

milk thistle-Silybum marianum
Korean mint
garden sorrel
amaranth not amaranthus
French marigolds- Tashkent
roma tomatoes
golden jubilee tomatoes
pumpkins-Dill's Atlantic Giant. We want to grow them for our church's pumpkin patch
any edibles
any herbs except basils and oreganos
flowers for hot humid weather especially yellows
seeds for sprouts
Thanks for doing this exchange!!

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Want List:

Aloe any
asters any
baboon flower
Banana AE AE MUSA , pink banana
bat plant
Bee Balm /Monarda ANY
begonia FLAMINGO
Bird of paradise or Giant Bird
Birdhouse gourd
bleeding heart any
blue alba
Brugmansia any
brunnera any
Bulbs any
butterfly bush/plant blue, pink, black, white, purple, any
caladium any
Calendula any
calla lily
Campanula any
castor bean
Chinese Lantern
chrysanthemum any
clematis any
cleome any
coleus any
Columbine any, looking for blue or black or pink
coneflower any
corkscrew flower/vine
Corn Blue, chocolate, peaches n cream, hopi pink
cup and saucer vine key lime or any
Datura any
daylily any
Echinacea whites, pinks
flamingo plant
Geraniums any
Gingers any
Gladiolus any
groundcovers any
Heuchera any
Hibiscus any hardy or tropical is ok
Hosta any
Hyacinth Bean Vine white or purple
iceplant any
impatients any
iris any: japanese, roof anything
jack in the pulpit
Japanese maple Tree
lettuce buttercrunch or head
Liatris any
lobster claw
Luffa gourd
Lupine any
Mandavilla pink or any
Medinilla Magnifica
Nasturiums any
onions any
Ornamental grasses PINK
painters pallette
Pansy any
passiflora any
Peony any
Peppers HOT, sweet, MILD or Ornamental ANY
Perilla purple or blacks
Petunia any
Phlox any
pineapple sage
pink squash
Portulaca any
prayer plant
Red Hot Poker
Salvia blues or pinks or red or ANY
Scabiosa any
Sedum any
Sempervium ANY
sensitive plant
shrimp plant ANY
Snapdragon ANY
Sunflowers ANY - would really like the orange or reddish ones
Sunflowers black magic
sweet peas any
Thyme orange, silver or any
Toad Lily
Tradescantia any
tree peony
Trillium any
turks cap lily
Veronica Blue
Weeping Cherry Tree
Weeping Willow Tree
Zinnia GREEN or any
Japanese maple Tree
Many thanks!!

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Seeds I am looking for:
•updated 1/1/13
•******PLEASE DON"T SEND******
•morning glories
•I have way too many of these, and some repedidly reseeding all over the yard. but thanks anyway
•I would like known colored flowers when possible, but I like NOIDs too.
•flowers I want :
•seed geraniums
•suflowers oranges and reds, tall
•perennial salvias any
•yellow coneflowers
•anything that likes wet feet for a damp area.
•any perennial good for dry places
•easy to grow tropicals
•timothy hay
•other feild grains
•looking for plants for;
•***flutterby squaire
•perennials or annuals
•good butterfly food plants
•Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
•**caterpillar buffet garden
•hackberry tree
•false nettle I know it is a weed
•hops vine
•milkweeds no common
•bronze fennel

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I am interested in water wise plants including but not limited to:



Blanket flower



Firecracker penstemon"(Penstemon eatonii)
Palmer penstemon"(Penstemon palmerii)
Desert marigold (Baileya multiradiata)

Mexican hat"(Ratibida columnifera, red)
Yellow prairie coneflower" (Ratibida columnifera)
Purple Aster (Aster bigelovii)
Blanketflower"(Gaillardia aristata)
Firewheel (Gaillardia pulchella)
Arroyo lupine (Lupinus succulentus)
Arizona lupine (Lupinus arizonica)
Blackfoot daisy (Melampodium leucanthum)
Showey goldeneye (Viguiera multiflora)
Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta)
Plains coreopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria)
California poppy (Eschscholzia calif.-naturalized)
I am also interested in heirloom tomatoes and ground cherries and beans.

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Want Heirlooms (just about any tomato or pepper that I don’t already have or keeper onions):

Cosmic Purple Carrot,
Dragon Carrot,
Beans -Helda
Kabacha or BonBon winter squash
Black Pearl Ornamental Pepper
Jamaician Hot Chocolate Pepper,
Doe Hill Pepper,
Alma Paprika,
Purple Jalepeno,
Piroska Pepper,
Osmarsko Kambe Pepper,
Vanity Yellow Pepper,
Culinar Paprika,
Sweet Pickle Pepper
Bulharska Sladka Pepper,
Chervena Chushka Pepper,
Tequila Sunrise Pepper,
Mulato Isleno Pepper.
Ancho Gigantea Pepper,
Chinese 5 Color Pepper,
Bolivian Rainbow Peppers,
Hot Portugal Pepper,
Mini Chocolate Bell Pepper,
Napoleon Sweet Pepper,
Dr. Wyche's Yellow Tomato,
Paul Robeson Tomato,
Tommy Toe Tomato,
Jersey Giant Tomato,
Sub-Arctic Plenty or World's Earliest Tomato,
Old Italian Tomato,
Polish Linguisa Tomato,
Petunias, any
Million Bells, any
White Bacopa
Any other basket stuffer flowers,
Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit
Cherokee Sunset Gloriosa Daisy
Prairie Sun Gloriosa Daisy
Evolution Salvia
gaillardia- (yellow queen, Arizona Apricot)
Vinca- (Pacifica Burgundy Halo, First Kiss Blueberry, Jaio Dark Red, Jams 'N Jellies Blackberry)
Canna, any
Hosta, any
Purple Majesty Hybrid Ornamental Millet
blackberry lily
balloon flowers
campanula (white clips, tokian blue)
celosia-(yellows, whites, pinks)
columbine, any
gold rush daisy
Heuchera (greens, golds/oranges, variegated)

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• 'Heidi'*****
• 'Moonshine'****
• 'Paprika'*****,
• 'Peachy Seduction'****
• **any wine, burgundy, coral/apricot or pink shades
•AGASTACHE: (ANY rose, hot pink, salmon, orange or yellow would fit in perfectly in my garden design!)
• Ava**********
• Black Adder**
• Bolero********
• Double Bubble Mint****
• Firebird****
• Glowing Embers****
• Purple Pygmy****
• Tango********
• Leilani*****
•AGYRANTHEMUM: Molimba, or any PINK please****
•ALCEA 'Pastorale'****
•AMMI VISNAGA: Green Mist******
•AMMOBIUM ALATUM Winged Everlasting
•ANEMONE: ANY!! This is my new great interest! (have Snowdrop)
•ANGELONIA: White****, Serena Lavender**, Serena Lavender Pink**
•ARTEMESIA: Variegated***
• Asclepias Physocarpa aka Goose Milkweed***
• Asclepias Purpurascens aka Purple Milkweed**
• Asclepias Sullivantii aka Smooth Milkweed or Prairie Milkweed****
• Blue Vined aka Honey Vine aka Sand Vine
• Green Comet**
• Ice Ballet**
• Milk Maid***
• Poke**
• SoulMate**
• TWEEDIA************
• Aster Cordifolius*****
• 'Heartleaf'
• 'Mary Gregory'
• 'Opus'************
• 'Peachie's Pink'****
• 'Smooth'***
• 'Sky Blue'****
• 'White Woodland' Aster Divaricatus
• ******any Fall flowering lovelies you'd like to share!
•ASTILBE: ANY!!!!!!! fresh current year seed only please, I've not had any luck at all getting any to germinate so far. :( Looking for any pinks, and white mostly pls!
•BACOPA: Snowtopia*** (white)
•BAMBOO, CHOCOLATE: Fargesia Fungosa (from tradewinds)
•BAPTISIA: 'Twilight'
• Beauty of Cobham****
• Cambridge Red***
• Colrain Red****
• Emmy's Pink****
• Fireball****
• Jacob Kline****
• Pink Lace**
• Raspberry Wine*****************************
• **ANY pure White, Deep Red or Scarlet colors, please no light pink or purples, Bergamo****
• Dragon Wing Pink****
• GoGo Appleblossom***
• GoGo Cherry***
• GoGo Light Yellow***
• Gryphon************
• Illumination Apricot Shades*********
• Illumination Golden Picotee******
• Illumination Pink**
• Nonstop Appleblossom******
• Nonstop Fire*********
• Nonstop Rose
• Nonstop Rose Petticoat***********
• Dickson's Gold***
• Trailing Blue Waterfall**
• **any TALL White varieties!*****
•BELLS OF IRELAND: PIXIE only****(Dwarf)
•BORAGE: Variegated******(I have blue and white thx!)
• Bi-Color*****************************
• Ruby Red*****
•CALLIBRACHOA / MILLION BELLS: ANY!! Especially Peaches or Rose****
• 'Bowl of Cherries'*****
• 'Cherry Bells'*****
• 'Dickson's Gold'******
• 'Olympica'***
• 'Pantaloons'**
• 'Rotundifolia'
• 'Samantha'**
• 'White Pearl'****
• **open to any blue, white or pink, , ANY Pixie!!****
•CANNA: Tropical Rose DWARF
•CARYOPTERIS: 'Summer Sorbet'
•CHRYSANTHEMUM: any blue, pinks, yellows (ANY fall blooming varieties****)
•CLEMATIS: Stans**, any white, baby blue or hot pink
•COCKSCOMB: Bombay Pink***, any tall bi-colors - burgundy, pinks, yellows, reds, would LOVE some any coral bi-colors!
•COLEUS: Really Really love the watermelon and sunset colors and the dragon/lacy variety of leaves!
• Caramel**
• Carefree Mix*
• Dragon Sunset**
• Fairway Orange**
• Fairway Yellow**
• Giant Exhibition Limelight**
• Giant Exhibition Marble
• Giant Exhibition Scarlet Magma***
• Kong Rose***
• Nottingham Lace*****************
• Pineapple**
• Rattlesnake***
• Sedona***
• Sunset**
• Versa Crimson Gold**
• Versa Lime**
• Versa Rose to Lime**
• Versa Watermelon**
• Volcano
• Clementine Blue****
• Clementine Salmon Rose****
• Corbett******
• 'Sunshine' or any long spurred pure yellow variety*********
• **any tall varieties or any dark cherry/wine colored blooms
•Creme Brulee*****
•Heaven's Gate***
•Pot of Gold********
•Red Shift****
•Sunshine Superman***
•CORNFLOWER: Emperor William**, Tall Red****
•CORYDALIS SEMPERVIRENS**********, Lutea********, ANY Blue*****, Blue Heron*****, any White***
• Carmine*****
• Dancing Petticoats***
• Happy Ring***
• Ladybird Scarlet**
• Pied Piper Red******
• Seashells Red***
• Versailles Tetra*******
• **any pink or burgundy, any DWARF mix****, any Fuschia colors****
•COW PARSLEY: Pink**** or White**
•CROCOSMIA: Any Orange********, Any deep scarlet***, Emily McKenzie**** (already have Lucifer, thx!)
•CUP & SAUCER VINE: Key Lime****
•DAHLIA: Watercolors*****, any really**
• ***any unusual double or ruffled white variety**
• ***any blue colored**
• Aglaya*** or Aglaia****
• Clara Curtis**
• Fiona Coghill****
• Fluff****
• Wirral Pride*****
• Yellow Daisy*****
• **(have Crazy & Snowdrift & Snow Princess)
•DALEA FORMOSA: Feather Dalea
•DAYLILY: ANY !! Would love to try any of your varieties especially doubles or 'spider' varieties! (except the typical ditch lilies please!)
• **ANY Rose***, any sky blue***
• Blue Pygmy**
• Dusky Maiden****
• Galahad****
• Ghost
• Green Twist******
• Magic Fountain Cherry Blossom****
• Summer Stars**
•(have Blue Butterfly!, thanks!)
• Amazon Neon***
• Barbarini Red***
• Black Magic*****
• Blueberry**
• Dwarf Pineleaf Garden Pink**** (Dianthus Pinifolius)
• Fenbow Nutmeg*****
• First Love**
• Gaiety**
• Heart Attack****
• Ideal Violet***
• Ministicks**
• Neon Star***
• Noverna****
• Raspberry Ripple****
• Raspberry Swirl***
• Red Rose*****
• Stripes & Picotees***
• Ruby**
• Victoriana**
• Yellow Rainbow******
• **any super ruffled carnation looking type~hot pinks, reds, crimsons
•DIASCIA: Diamonte Coral Rose**, Apricot Queen***
•DICENTRA: Golden Tears***, Any Pink or White**
•DICHONDRA: Emerald Falls*****
• **any pinks or rose colored, salmons, apricots, any pure white, variegated
• Anne Redetzky****
• Apricot Faerie Queen***
• Camelot Rose****
• Cluster Flowering Floribunda***
• Grecian***
• Lutea*
• Monster Purple**
• Monstruosa*
• Redskin**
• Rosea Fiesta Time***
• Silver Fox*
• Sutton's Apricot*********
•DITHYREA: Spectacle Pod*
•DURANTA: Any please!
•DUTCHMAN's BREECHES: ***********
• Amado***
• Black Sampson*******
• Double Decker******
• Fragrant Angel (white)****
• Green Eyes********
• Green Jewel****
• Hula Dancer***
• Jade***
• Laevigata***
• Paradoxa*
• Pink Parasol**
• Razzmatazz****
• ****most any!!!
•EPILOBIUM: Any! Angustifolium****, Dodonaei****
•ERIGERON: Blue Fringe Daisy***
•FELICIA****Felicia Rose***
•FLOWERING MAPLE: Crepe de Chine*****
•FUSCHIA: Any Hardy variety for Zone 7
•GAILLARDIA: (NO 'Goblin', have those thx!)
• Apricot****
• Arizona Apricot*****
• Frenzy***********
• Georgia Sunset****
• Georgia Yellow***
• Sunburst**
• ANY scented!!*********************
• ANY Black Velvet varieties*****
• ANY!!!!
• Black Prince*******
• Black Velvet Rose***
• Black Velvet Salmon***
• Brookside***
• Dragon Heart****
• Elite Salmon
• Elite White
• Horizon Ice Orange***
• Ice Rose***
• Inspire***
• Inspire Appleblossom***
• Orange Appeal***
• Orbit Appleblossom***
• Orbit Deep Salmon***
• Pinto Pink**
• Psilostemon***
• Raspberry Ripple*****
• Ringo Rose Star***
• Rozanne***********
• Samobor********
• Summer Showers Mix****
• Summer Showers Rose***
• Stork's Bill Sweetheart***
• Tornado Fuschia***
• Yoshino Confetti********
• Alabama Slammer***********
• Double Bloody Mary***
• Koi***
• Red Dragon*******
• Totally Tangerine*****
• Trifolium*****
• ***ANY red, orange, bi-color/sunset colors
• (have Rivale, Mrs. Bradshaw, Lady Stratheden, Blazing Sunset & Cooky)
•GILIA: Scarlet*, I have Blue
•GOMPHRENA / GLOBE AMARANTH: Fireworks******, Mardi Gras*** looking for any orangey-apricot color or mix that includes it please!
• Blonde Ambition******
• Blood Grass***
• Eyebrow**
• Golden Miscanthus****
• Hakonechloa Naomi & Nicholas****
• Hedgehogs***
• Karl Forester*********
• Little Hobbit Bearskin**
• Panicum Shenandoah***
• Pink Paint Brush**
• Sweet Flag****
• Sweetgrass***
• Zephyr
• 'Coppelia'
• 'Sunshine'
• (have Lollipop and Mardi Gras)
•HELIOTROPE / HELIOTROPIUM: Garden White***, Cherry Pie***
• *** ANY!*******
• Citronelle****
• Coral Bells*
• Coral Sunset***
• Crimson Curls****
• Encore****
• Frosted Violet
• Ginger Ale******
• Green Spice****
• Guardian Angel*****
• Lime Ricky*******
• Marvelous Marbles***
• Melting Fire****
• Mocha******
• Mystic Angel****
• Root Beer*****
• Ruby Bells**
• Snow Angel***
• Stormy Seas***
• Sweet Tea*****************
• White Cloud***
•Chattooga Gold****
•Cranberry Punch*****
•Double Purple***
•Plum Crazy*********
• **would be happy with any! tall, short, figleaf or not!**
• Apricot Peach Parfait*******
• Black Currant Whirl**
• Chater's Maroon***
• Chater's Rose***
• Chater's Salmon***
• Country Romance****
• Fruity Mix**
• Golden Yellow***
• Halo Apricot*******
• Halo Mix
• Halo Red***
• Happy Lights***
• Icicle***
• Majorette Mix***
• Powderpuffs Mix**
• Queeny Lilac-Rose****
• Queeny Red*
• Queeny Salmon**
• Rosea The Bride***
• Russian Yellow
• Salmon Queen**
• Sidalcea 'Rosanna'*****
• Spring Celebrities Lemon***
• Spring Celebrities Rose****
• Violet
• **I'd love any!
•HOPS vine: Variegated only please***
•IPOMOPSIS: Longiflora - Long-Flowered Gilly
•JACOB'S LADDER/POLEMONIUM: Variegated***********
•LAMIUM: Orchid Frost***
• Cherry Blossom***
• Kaleidoscope**
• Parisian Pink****
• Splish Splash***
•LAURENTIA: Avant Garde White****, Sophia****, White or Blue
•LAVATERA: Mont Blanc** (have Silver cup, thx!)
• Blue Scent
• Ellegance Ice******
• Ellegance Sky***
• Kew Red****
• Lacy Frills***
• Little Lady***
• Otto****
• Papillon****
• Spanish Eyes*********
• Spanish Peaks****
• Stoechas******
• White Ice***
•**would love some dwarf varieties, too!
•LEWISIA: Cotyledon Sunset Hybrids****
•LISIANTHUS: Lime***, any blue**, any Red/Dark Pink**
• Monet Moment***************
• Ruby Slippers********
• Tupa*******************************************
•LOVE IN A MIST / NIGELLA: Rose only, Mulberry Rose****
•Red Flame****
•LYCHNIS: Viscaria 'Snowbird'****
•MALTESE CROSS: Dusky Salmon only*
• Golden Gem***
• Harlequin***
• Janie Flame***
• La Bamba
• Mumsy Orange*****
• Spun Lemon****
• Starfire
• Sunburst Orange Splash****
• Zenith Orange**commercial only
• Zenith Red**commercial only
• Whopper Orange***
•MILKWEED blue vined (cynanchum laeve)**** aka Honey Vine or Sand Vine, TWEEDIA*****
•MONARDA: See Bee Balm
• Misty Morning**
• Sunrise Serenade****
• Cherry Jubilee****
• Copper Sunset***
• Creamsicle***
• King Theodore***
• Moonlight*****
• Out of Africa***
• Strawberries & Cream****
• Terra Cotta***
• Vanilla Berry***********
• Whirlybird Cream******
• Whirlybird Mix**
• Whirlybird Tangerine********
• Vesuvius**
• Avalon Mix******
• Cream Splash (variegated)******
• Marshmallow***
• Perfume White**
• Saratago Apple Blossom*****
• Stonecrop*
• Whisper Mix***
• ****would love ANY!!****(have Langsdorfii & Sylvestris)
• **ANY Spoon-leaf varieties*** REALLY REALLY Want!!
• Akila White**********
• Lavender shades****
• Zion Copper Amethyst*************** SUPER WANT!
• Zion Orange*****
• Zion Peach******
• Zion Pink Sand**********
• **White with blue center****
• Antique Shades***
• Autumn Frills***
• Chianti**
• Flambe Terracotta Shades***
• Flirty Skirts***
• Moulin Rouge****
• Pandora's Box*********************
• Panola Sunburst**
• Psychadelic Blue Butterfly***********
• Rococo Mix**
• ***any Ruffled***
•PELARGONIUM: See Geraniums above^
• Espirit****
• Husker Red Superior****
• Jamesii/James
• Lilac Beauty***
• Mexicali Miniature Bells***
• Miniature Bells****
• Parry's/Parryi
• Rydbreg's/Rydbergii
• Scarlet Bugler,
• Sidebelsl/Secundiflorus
• Sunburst Ruby******
• True Blue*
• Wandbloom/Virgatus
• Whipples*********
•PENTAS: Any Rose or Coral colors*****
•Aladdin Mix*****
•Blue Daddy***
•Cascade Burgundy Plum Vein**
•Debonair Dusty Rose***
•Dolce Flambe***
•Dolcissima Amaretto****
•Dolcissima Firenze****
•Dolcissima Roma*****
•Dolcissima Sienna****
•Double Cascade
•Rambling Neon Rose***
•Rose Pirouette**
•Shock Wave Denim****
•Sophistica Antique Shades****
• 21st Century Rose Star*****
• Dutch Tapestry***
• Emerald Blue***
• Flamingo******
• Midnight Candy**
• Nicky***
• Peppermint**
• Red Riding Hood***
• Starfire**************
• Watercolor Memories Mix****
• ***would REALLY love the blue variety!!***
•PLECTRANTHUS: Emerald Lace***, Silver Shield*
•PLUMBAGO: Blue*** and White*** (the bush varieties, not the creeping groundcover)
•POLEMONIUM: 'Touch of Class'****, Variegatum****
• Angels Choir Mix*****(Shirley)
• Ballerina Mix**
• Cali Mission Bells** Mix, NOT just orange, pls!
• Carmine**
• Double Atlas
• Double Cream**
• Drama Queen***
• Fruit Punch***
• Fruit Splash****
• Moondance****
• Peony Frosted Salmon***
• Thai Silk Mix***
• Thai Silk Rose Chiffon***
•POT MARIGOLD: Citrus Smoothies**
•POTENTILLA: Helen Jane***, Snowbird*****
• x tommasinii You and Me Blue***********
• Beesiana****
• Candelabra***
• Florindae****
• Noverna Deep Blue**
• Vialii**********
•PULMONARIA: Any! Silver Bouquet, Mrs. Moon***, Raspberry Splash***
• Chim Chiminee*****
• Corona***
• (have Capuccino, Green Wizard, Indian Summer, Maya, Goldstrum, Chocolate Orange and Toto)
•RUE: Jackman's blue**, Any!
•RUSSIAN SAGE/PEROVSKIA: Little Spire****(dwarf)
•SALPIGLOSSIS/PAINTED TONGUE: Bolero Mix*, Stained Glass*, Kew Blue******
• Apiana***
• Blue Angel***
• Cherry Blossom*****
• Evolution White************
• Hummingbird*
• Hummingbird Forest Fire****
• Maraschino*****
• Patio Sky Blue***
• Purple Knock Out***
• Salsa Rose
• Salsa Salmon***
• Sensation Rose****
• Strata
• Twilight Serenade********************
• TX Sage Dwarf Hummingbird**
• Victoria White***
•SAMBUCUS: 'Black Lace'**************, any golden foliage*****************
•SANDERSONIA: Aurantiaca
• Acre******
• Angelina*******
• Autumn Delight**
• Black Jack**
• Brilliant****
• Dragon's Blood***
• Jellybeans*******
• October Daphne*******************************************
• Red Carpet**
• Sea Star*****
• Sieboldii********************
• Silver Frost**
• Vera Jamison*
• VooDoo***
• **any pink and/or bi-colored
• **these are new to me, so I'm pretty much open to any (have Autumn Joy, thanks!)
• Apple Blossom******
• AROMAS~ANY!!******************************************
• Bells Frosty Lavender****
• Bells Pink**
• Cascadia***********
• Chantilly Yellow**
• Double Madame Butterfly*****
• Freesong Pink
• French Vanilla Aroma*****
• Frosted Sunset*****
• Jamaican Mist
• Kim Bi-Color Mix
• Lemon Lollipops****
• Lipstick ****
• Magenta Mist****
• Oriental Lanterns**
• Pallette Mix*****
• Plumblossom***
• Red Spice****
• Renee's OP Mix****
• Snappy Bi-Color Mix****
• Sweet Pink Aromas****(hybrid-commercial only pls)*******
• Tutti Frutti*****
• Twinny Violet*****
• Vining****
•SPIDERWORT: Red Grape***, White bi-colored one***
•SPIREA: Goldflame*
•STACHYS: Coccinea***, Inflata****, Lavandulifolia******, Hummelo**, Stachys macrantha 'Robusta'********
•STRAWBERRY: Fragissimo****, Yellow Wonder****, White Wonder****, Roman, Loran, Merlan, Pikan, Tarpan, Temptation, Mignonette Alpine
•STRAWFLOWER: any Deep Rose color***, any Orange color***
• Apricot*** any apricot shades!
• Apricot Twist******
• Cherry Rose
• Double Dandy
• Golden Cheer
• Italian Green Heart**********
• Jolly Joker
• Lemon Aura****
• Lemon Eclair****
• Music Box***
• Sole D'Oro****
• Starburst Blaze***
• Sunny Babe
• The Joker

Van Gogh
•***any dwarf other than Teddy Bear (have that one!)
• Apricot Sprite********
• Blue Ripple****
• Butterfly**
• Capt of the Blues*
• Cream Southborne
• Crimson Ripple****
• Floral Tribute*
• Frolic**
• King's High Scent*****
• Lipstick
• Orange Dragon***
• Saltwater Taffy Swirls***
• Snoopea*
• Watermelon**
• White Supreme**
•SWEET ROCKET/HESPERIS: Alba (white)****
•TALINUM: Variegated*****
•TIARELLA: any! (have Silverado)
•TITHONIA: Fiesta Del Soul**** (shorter orange variety only)
•TOADLILY/TRICYRTIS: Gilt Edge***, Samurai***, Miyazaki*******
• Adonis Mango*****
• Clementine*****
• Yellow/Purple*****(not sure of the name?)
• Adonis Mango***
• Appleblossom*****
• Hastata Rosea****
• Mango****
• Moss***
• Obsession Lilac***
• Peaches n Cream**
• Pink Spires
• Quartz Purple*
• Rigida***
• Tuscany Lavender Picotee***
• Tuscany Orchid Frost******************
• Tuscany Rose Eye**
• Tuscany Scarlet***
• Tuscany White****
• Upright**
•VERONICA: Blue Bouquet, Veronica Incana 'Blue Silver'****, Longifolia****
•THYMUS/THYME: Silveredge Argenteus****, Orange*************
•WALLFLOWER: My Fair Lady, any mix
• Apricot Blush***
• Art Deco Mix
• Benary's Giant Carmine*
• Burpee Hybrids Mix****
• Burpeeana Giants********
• Carmine Rose****
• Dream
• Giant Cactus White**
• Granny's Bouquet***
• Little Lion***
• Magellan Persian Carpet**
• Meteor
• Miss Wilmott
• Park's Candy Mix*******
• Pumila Sprite*********
• Raggedy Ann***********
• Rose Giant Cactus
• Scabiosa Flowered***
• Senora***
• Zin Master Mix***
• Zinnita Rose**
• Zowie Yellow Flame********
• Ararat****
• Amethyst Improved****
• Blue Spice****
• Clove
• Danni****
• Dwarf Greek**
• Globe**
• Holy Red & Green
• (RED) Lettuce Leaf****************
• Mammoth****
• Napoletano****
• Purple Delight*****
• Siam Queen
• Thai Magic
• ***(any purple named varieties)
•BEE BALM/MONARDA: ANY pure White***, ANY dark Reds, Ruby, Rose, Scarlet colors - no purples or light pinks please
•CAT GRASS/CAT MINT/NEPETA: Variegated Cat Grass**
•CILANTRO/CORIANDER: 'Confetti', or Delfino variety only******
•DILL: Vulgare***, Dukat***, Compatto Dwarf*****
•FLAX: Linum Usitatissimum 'Golden Flax'****
•HIBISCUS: Any variety for tea***, Roselle********
•LAVENDER: Spanish Peaks*****, ANY Pink***, Lavandula Viridis (yellow)******, Purple Ribbon****, Leigh****, Vera***, Pink Perfume***, English, Silver Line****
•LEMON BALM** Citronella Lemon Balm*** only please
•MINTS: Grapefruit****, Fruit Cocktail******, Variegated**, Ginger***
•OREGANO: Just any culinary type will do!***, Greek***, Vulgare***
•SAGE: Culinary, Variegated*******
•SAVORY: Summer ***
•THYME: Orange********, Variegated********, Lemon*********, regular culinary varieties****, French or Summer Thyme****
•Broadleaf Culinary****
•AMARANTH: Green Calaloo***, Greek Giant**, Opopeo**
• 'Almas Pa Dutch Purple Burgundy Lima Bean'**
• 'Blue Lake'*****
• 'Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco'**********
• 'Cobra'***
• 'Grandma Nellie's Yellow Podded Mushroom Pole Bean'***
• 'Hutterite Soup'***
• 'Mayflower'***
• 'Mosaic Yard Long'**
• 'Nickel' (french filet)
• 'Provider'
• 'Purple Marconi'**
• 'Tongue of Fire'
• 'Willow-Leaf Lima'
•BERRIES: Strawberries****, Salmon Berry****, Thimble Berry***, Blackberry***, Raspberry***, Honeyberry***, Red Currants******
•CABBAGE: Filderkraut********, Jade Pagoda, Optiko**
•CAULIFLOWER: Romanesco San Guiseppe*****
•CORN: 'Pennsylvania Butter Flavored Popcorn'**, 'GEM' or 'Stained Glass'********************************************
• Alibi***
• Kyoto*******
• Lime Crisp***
• Muncher**
• National Pickling***
• Orient Express*
• Paris Pickling or Cornichon de Paris*****
• Pearl*
• Richmond Green Apple*****
• Tante Alice*****
•FLAX: Golden only (Linum Usitatissimum)
•GOOSEBERRY: Pineapple***
•'GREENS': Purslane***, Rainbow Baby
•GROUNDCHERRY: Strawberry Husk Tomato***, Cossack Pineapple***
• Blue Ridge***
• Cavolo Nero****
• Fizz*
• Red Chidori
• Redbor**
• Wild Garden Kales
• Winter Red**
• Winterbor**
• Blushed Butter COS
• Cabbage Lettuce**
• Devil's Tongue**
• Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed**
• Flashy Butter Oak**
• Gentilina, Italienischer
• Jericho***(good for heat)
• Little Leprachaun**
• Lollo Bionda**
• Marshall
• Mascara***
• Midnight Ruffles***
• Mignonette Bronze**
• Monet's Garden Mesclun***
• Oaky Red Splash**
• Petite Rouge***
• Queensland***(good for heat)
• Red Sails
• Red Wing Mix
• Revolution
• Rouge Grenoblais
• Speckles***
• Strawberry
• Sunset**
• Tango***
•MELONS: **Any small, compact, less than 3lb fruit sized melons***
• Alvaro
• Ambrosia*******
• Early Silver Line
• Emerald Gem**
• Golden Jenny Muskmelon****
• Golden Sweet***
• Green Nutmeg****
• Icebox Rainbow Sherbert*****
• Lambkin
• Lil 'Loupe*****
• Mango or Vine Peach*******
• Petit Gris De Rennes*
•OKRA: Eagle Pass, Star of David***
•PEPPERS: (under construction!)
•Bell, any mini-bells except yellow and chocolate***
•Big Red
•Blushing Beauty*** comm. only pls
•Fat n Sassy**** comm. only pls
•Giant Marconi***
•Golden Summer
•Jalapeno Gigantea ***comm. only pls
•Kung Pao*
•Mulato Isleno*****
•Numex Joe E. Parker****
•Orange Sun***
•Pinocchio's Nose***
•Redskin Patio***
•Round of Hungary***
•Super Heavyweight*** comm. only pls
•Tennessee Cheese
•Tolli's Sweet***
•Trinidad Perfume
•RADICCHIO: 'Firestorm'*****
•RHUBARB: Victorian**, any
•Australian Butter**
•Autumn cup
•Baby Green Hubbard*
•Bush Baby
•Butta Zucchini***
•Candy Roaster of N. Georgia******
•Cucuzzi***aka Serpent of Sicily***
•Futsu Black
•Hubbard Blue Magic F1****
•Long Island Cheese**
•Orange Magic F1****
•Papaya Pear***
•Pomme D'Or aka Apple of Gold*
•Rumbo Winter
•Small Wonder
•Table Ace Winter
•Table Gold Acorn***
•Tonda Padana****
•STRAWBERRY - ANY Alpine!*******, Red Wonder Wild, Sarian*** (have Mignonette & White & Yellow Wonder & Alexandria)
•TOMATO: I love any pleated, ruffled and large heirloom varieties! (list currently under construction) :)
•A Grappoli Corbarino
•ABC Potato Leaf
•Amana Orange
•Amy Goldman Italian American
•Arkansas Traveler***
•Aunt Gertie's Gold**
•Barnes Mtn Yellow
•Barnes Mtn Pink
•Berkeley Tie Dye***
•Big Rainbow**
•Brown Cherry
•Brandywine, Black
•Brandywine, Yellow
•Break O'Day
•Broad Ripple Yellow Currant
•Bushy Chabarovsky
•Calf's Heart
•Caspian Pink
•Cherokee Green GRAPE***
•Cherokee Purple Sudoku Potato leaf variety
•Chico III
•Chyornyi Prince
•Costoluto Fiorentino
•Costoluto Genovese
•Cowlick's Brandywine
•Dad's Mug Paste
•Dr. Lyle
•Early Glee**
•Egg Yolk
•Emerald Evergreen**
•Ester Hess
•Farmstand Huge
•Forest Fire
•Fox Cherry
•Gardener's Delight***
•Gold Currant**
•Golden Pineapple**
•Golden Queen**
•Grant Country Pink
•Green Beefsteak***
•Grossee Cotelee*
•Hahms Gelbe Topftomate
•Hege German Pink
•Hog Heart
•Husky Pink
•Indiana Baltimore
•Italian Red Cherry
•Italian Tomato Tree***
•Joe's Portugese*
•Kanner Hoell*
•KY Pink Stamper
•Livingston's Gold Ball
•Louisiana Pink
•Lucky Cross*****
•Lumpy Red
•Madison County Pink
•Malinowy Warszawski
•Matt's Wild Cherry
•Midnight Star**
•Moldovan Green**
•Monte Verde
•Mountain - Mtn Gold
•Mtn Pride
•Old German
•Old Kentucky
•Old Time Purple
•Olive Hill*
•Omar's Lebanese
•Orange Van Goeijenbier
•Orlovskie Rysaki
•Pantano Romanesco
•Pear - Red only
•Pera d'Abruzzo ***
•Pike County Yellow
•Pink Pear*****
•Polish Dwarf**
•Polish Linguisa*
•Ponderosa Pink
•Ponderosa Seloro
•Powers Heirloom
•Precoce Marmende
•Principe Borghese
•Purple Hillbilly**
•Red Robin*
•Rose Beauty**
•San Marzano Nana***
•San Marzano 3****
•Sausage (not Cream)
•Sibirskiy Skorospelyi*****
•Silvery Fir Tree*
•Slavic Masterpiece*
•Snow White Cherry***
•Sophie's Choice**
•Stump of the World***
•Sun Sugar******
•Super San Marzano*******
•Sweet Home***
•Sweetie Cherry***
•Tiny Tim*
•Top Sirloin***
•Two Timing Willie***
•Walter's Candy Stripe*
•Wild Harry
•Winter Grape
•WATERMELONS: Black Seeded Ice Cream****, White Sugar Lump***, Petit Gris****, Icebox Rainbow Sherbert*****



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Sorry for the delay! I am not really picky.. Here are some things I would like to have, but I will be happy with almost anything.

Dixie Queen Watermelon
Federle tomato
Ananas Noir Tomato
Indigo Rose Tomato
Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Lemon Basil
Kiss me over the garden gate
Bachelor's Button Black Magic
Moon vine
German Giant radish
Canterbury Bells mixes
Crosby's Egyptian Beets
Jimmy Nardello pepper
Yolo Wonder Pepper
Little Elf Pepper
Clemson Spineless Okra
Any sunflowers

    Bookmark   March 4, 2013 at 7:46PM
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