Bringing pepper plants inside for winter

ryseryse_2004December 8, 2012

I have an ornamental hot pepper (turns purple to orange to red)plant that I bring indoors for the winter. I do this each year rather than starting new ones from seed each spring. I just grow it as a house plant. White flies are always a problem when bringing in plants but cinnamon on the soil surface takes care of them.

They want to lay their eggs in organic matter and don't like cinnamon.

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Thanks for the tip!! I've never had a problem with White Flies but hear they are awful. I do see tiny gnats from time to time but I've been lucky so far.. I have 2 pepper plants, jalepeno and cayenne, and they've been indoors already for 2 months. I repotted them in brand new soil and clipped and cleaned the roots before bringing them in. It's my first year doing this overwintering..

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heygeno(z5 oh)

I go in phases with bringing peppers in for the winter. At one time, I overwintered one for ( 3-4 ?) years before it bit the dust....( prob from neglect ).

This year I went wild and brought in 10 or more plants. I never had a prob w/ aphids on peps before but this year I do. I have been dowsing them with alcohol spray to keep them in far, it is working but I still see a few on CERTAIN plants. I have observed that my purple leaf peps dont get them . ( a fluke ? or do they dislike ? ) also, the aphids are a pink color.....sorry I have not been more specific with types or names for the peps, so far. Most of my peps were beautiful and strong this season...wish I could have said the same for toms..... ugh. ( live in Ohio, blight the past 2 years.....)

Never had white fly prob.... the soil gnats I hang pcs of fly paper for.... but the yellow sticky traps get 75% more gnats !

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Sorry - I didn't mean white flys - I meant those little knats.

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Well, if cinnamon keeps those nasty gnats away, I'm going to sprinkle some now!!! Smells good too :) Have to look for the sticky traps too.

I only have two pepper plants this year I'm keeping overwinter. Never did this before so figured what do I have to lose... I don't have the best growing arrangement in the summer due to limited space and not a lot of direct sun. I started them last February from seed and both plants produced ok, just didn't have the best weather working with me. They really want to bloom now though!! My jalapeno has buds and one flower on it now. I've already cut it back a few times but it comes right back so I'm looking forward to seeing what it does next summer.

I'm also patiently waiting to start new seeds for a few other varieties ..but I guess I have to wait until mid February :(

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