crinum moorei

jimmb(Michigan US)November 15, 2003

Perhaps some of you crinum lovers can help me. I obtained a crinum moorei bulb from SA and planted it in a 1:1:1 mix of sifted compost, river sand and industrial sand (in a pot, I should say). It shot up to nearly two feet (about 60 cm), then started drooping. Now the scapes/leaves are fornlornly and limply hanging down.

Too much water? not enough? need more sun? Any advice will be appreciated.

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I just purchased the one pictured below last spring. It was nearly bursting out of the pot due to its large root system. I was able to plant it directly into the ground here. I have two thoughts, it's roots need more room, and/or it is simpley resting in preparation for next spring.

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I can't say what is going on with the leaf-dropping C. moorei. However, they are known to go dormant, especially in later summer. Maybe your plant is off by 2 or 3 months. Also, they like some shade in this part of the world. I'm not sure about Michigan, your sun is not so scorching as here.

My soil mix is bascially the opposite of yours, 3 parts humus (or potting mix of almost any type) and 1 part coarse sand--so it will hold water better. Is it possible your plant suffered for water at one time or another, maybe it got a little too dry for a week or two? To the best of my knowledge C. moorei can go dormant if it does not have enough water.

Good luck.

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