brugpuppy(9)November 2, 2003

I should have put this as a seperate post, so that future reference is easier.

I have received 4 cuttings of phygelius, (Cape fuschia) 2 red and 2 yellow. I have them in water, and I intend to dip them in hormone powder today and plant them as I do hardwood cuttings. Anyone know if this is suitable, or should I leave them in water to root?

Does anyone have any experiences they can share on growing these plants in zone 6 North America? Are they normally greenhouse grown and could I grow them in pots to move them into the garden for the summers?



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allenhir(z7 Maryland)

They are easy in the garden in full sun and ordinary garden soil. They are just winter hardy here for me in zone 7, suburban Wash. DC. However, they might winter for you as perennials in zone 6 with sufficient mulch.

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Salvia_guy(z8 OR)

Try overwintering those cuttings indoors the first year. Plant them out next spring to give them a chance to develop good wood and stolons. They spread via the stolons. Mulch well next fall to keep the ground from freezing. Don't cut the stems back until new growth appears in spring.

The first season I grew these I had 3 cultivars. That winter we had a sudden cold snap and the morning temperature was 6F. All but one of the cultivars survived. It was Phygelius 'Salmon Leap'. I still have that plant 5 yrs later.

These root very easily in moist potting mix.

These are great humminbird plants.


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Thanks for the help!

I got impatient with waiting for the cuttings to root and took a peak and found that the ends were rotting. I cut off the ends and dipped the cuttings into a liquid rooting hormone and replanted them. They have since looked a lot healthier and have shoots growing now, although they are a bit thin and pale. I have moved them to a south window and I hope that will help.

I am looking forward to seeing these grow. I'll put some in the greenhouse and try overwintering one at a time.


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