Resting clivia

cath_md(z7MD)November 23, 2003

I have 3 seed-grown clivias and one offshoot in a pot as a houseplant. They started blooming finally a couple years ago (took about 4-6 years). For the last 2 autumns, when I put the pot in an unheated closet to give it the required dormancy time (I've read any where from 1 month to 2 months), flower shoots develop on at least one of the plants. I don't understand it! I put the pot in the closet 10 days ago, and just noticed yesterday that 2 of the plants have blooms. I am not complaining about flowers, but could someone please tell me: should I leave the plant in the closet (low light, little water), or bring it back out until the flowers are done, then try the dormancy thing again? (Obviously, 2 of the 4 plants are not sleeping now...)

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They might have had bloom stalks starting prior to going into the closet and because they might look so much like young leaves on some plants, you might not have noticed them until the got large enough to be seen above the other foliage. You should give them slightly more water now and probably a little fertilizer and light. The flower blooms sometimes open right in the middle of the other foliage if you don't give them enough time to grow adequately before moving them and you don't get a very spectacular display because of short bloom stalks. If the stalks for the blooms seem to be long enough, move them out into the light and let them go. My larger older plants will bloom twice a year. Once in February and once in August, but that doesn't happen all the time. There is good clivia book by Harold Koopawitz that gives lots of info about this( and lots of great pics, too) Good luck with them. Mine are not doing anything at the moment. I just moved and I think everyone is adjusting to new light, space, etc. That, and many got repotted. Maybe next season... Sebrina

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Thank you, Sebrina. I've moved the pot out of the closet and given it some water and fertilizer. Do you recommend putting it back into the closet after flowering to finish the dormancy period?

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Cath, keep it cool, and dry till spring. Very little water. Arum

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I guess it depends on when you put it in the closet. I try to give them a rest till about Feb. or March when they start to flower, but I put them in the basement in October. I have heard differing opinions of how to treat them. Some people leave them in the house with the rest of the plants, water them less, and they still bloom with no problem, which is what my mother has always done. If you can get a copy of a good book on houseplants or Harold Koopawitz's book there is lots of good information. Email me privately and I'll give you more information if you want.

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