Veltheimia Bracteata & Lachenalia

cannafreak(z7 NY)December 3, 2004

This is my first year trying these bulbs out. I have them planted in pots and they are currently growing under indoor light setup(250 watt MH). I water twice a week and once a week I have been fertilizing. What I was wondering is this the right conditions for them? If not can anyone help me to correct this? TIA, Tara

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Sounds reasonable care to me. I only grow these outdoors here in northern California, so don't know how easy they are under lights. Veltheimia can be treated as an evergreen perennial or allowed to go dormant in late summer, which it does naturally under summer drought conditions. It will also bloom quite well in fairly deep shade when grown outdoors, and makes a superb container plant. Almost all Lachenalia prefer full sun, and are usually found in much harsher, drier summer conditions, and will rot out if not allowed to go dry after blooming. Veltheimia is more a shade/forest margin plant which prefers moister conditions year round and richer soil. Lachenalia tend to prefer grittier, more porous soils that drain rapidly, and are often found growing as crevice plants amongst rocks, where they are less likely to be dug up by baboons or eaten by ground rodents, which relish many South African geophytes. Neither plant will take much frost, although they handle a degree or two here in coastal California without too much trouble.

Outdoors here, I have several species of Lachenalia already blooming, and Veltheimia in bud, probably a few weeks away still from opening. I find that most Lachenalia are irresistably attractive to slugs and snails, and are difficult to keep out in the garden unless baited.

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cannafreak(z7 NY)

Thank you for the information. Tara

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bahia....I have been looking all over this EARTH for some Lachenalia bulbs but can't find them anywhere. I bought this plant in Walmart the day before yesterday as I fell in love with it! Got it home and it went directly back to Walmart the very next day....was full of spider mites!! The foliage on these plants is beautiful!


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What are he pots that appear after the flower dies? are they useful?

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