Need to identify this shrub/tree urgently!!

amberconvery626December 29, 2012

Hi all,

So I need this shrub/tree identified urgently...

It is growing in a forest type area in the western cape, in south africa. I have no idea if it is indigenous or not to the area, but I need to know the name of it most importantly and if anybody knows, whether or not it is poisonous? Especially for birds (a rainbow lorikeet to be specific). We want to have it for our bird but need to know if it is poisonous or not and what the name of it is.

Thanks so much :)

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Your post is pretty old so you may already have your answer, but right off it looks like a ficus to me. Two came up on my search that had similar leaves and yellow fruits: Ficus burkei and Ficus brachypoda, but its hard to be sure. If you haven't already take a cutting of a branch with enough length to have fruit and leaves on it to a local nursery. They will be more familiar with what grows in the area and might be able to ID it.

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