clivia bloom scape??

rwzimpfer(z5 OH)December 17, 2003

I inherited a clivia from my mother-in-law along with some other houseplants, and i researched how to take care of it, and so far with much more success than she had. I don't believe it ever bloomed for her. I've had it for a year now, and I believe it is forming a scape. Right now, it is about a half inch tall hard "lump" between the older leaves. Is this the scape i've been waiting for? If so, do i wait longer until I take it out of dormancy, or should i wait for other scapes to form??

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sowthefrikan(z7b/NE TXexas)

I have no idea. I always just plonked them in the garden where they grew and went wild and all that. Await an answer with great interest.

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Keep it away from light, keep it cool, and give very little water. If it's the scape, it will start to grow pretty quickly and the buds will be more apparant. Then you can give it a bit more water, ( a very little bit) and see what happens. The scape should grow to be taller than the leaves, (hopefully) and then you can bring it into the light and begin a regular schedule of watering, etc. There are some different opinions on this, but err on the side of less water, and you should be ok. For some reason, bloom scapes don't always grow to be above the leaves and there is a variety of opinions as to why this happens. Wait and see. Good luck.

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Well???? What happened with your plant? Did it bloom yet?

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rwzimpfer(z5 OH)

Nothing has happened yet. It still looks exactly the same as it did the day I posted the first post. I'm patient though (at least with plants) so we'll see what happens. I think that little node has to be the start of the scape though. It's just not ready to come out of dormancy yet.

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