WANTED: White Sage

copioussilverbirch(6)January 24, 2006

Does anyone here have any white sage seeds for sasbe? I will be able to bring it inside during the winter months. In fact, I may keep it pot bound if I would have to do that.



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What species might this one be?


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I have a South Calif. White Sage that I grew from a cutting I got from one of my Cherokee sisters here in Okie. It winters over in my greenhouse. Gorgeous silvery white leaves and stems. Very strong sage oil.
Wasn't aware that it could be grown from seed.


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If you would like to send me a cutting that would be great!!!
I use white sage for purification purposes. I will need directions on how to take care of it once it gets here. Thanks in advance.

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gerris2, I think the species referred to is salvia apiana, a CA native. Artemisia (Sagebrush) and I believe another one is used in the smudging ritual. Salvia apiana can germinate from seed, but germination is difficult. In nature, wildfires stimulate germination. When propagating by cutting, use a well draining media or sand. The type of soil can drastically affect the aroma and leaf composition of this salvia  a sandy soil is best. Fertilization can also completely distort the character of this salvia.

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I am a 5th Generation native California and a Native American, representing two tribes. It is the Salvia apiana that we hold most sacred. Other sages can be used for smudging as well as many other herbs, as each one has valueable properties. We also use Sweet Grass, but the White Sage is most Sacred. It was the sage smoked in the ceremonial peacepipe of tribal elders.

I now live in Oklahoma. It is the sage used by the tribes here as well. I grow mine year round in a large container 3 gal size. I set it out in the yard with full sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon and it grows beautifully. In the Fall, I move it into my greenhouse in the sunny window on the floor. It roots easily.

You will need to let it grow a couple of years, and then cut it back by 1/3 in early spring. It will quickly respond with new growth. You can use the trimmings to root more plants and save some for incense & cleansing. Use sparingly.

Where do you live? I might possibly send you a cutting, but I need you to send me an e-mail first and discuss it. Then, you send me an SASBE with ample postage and return labels and I'll send you a nice fresh cutting. So, send me an e-mail, and let's 'talk'.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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More info about Salvia apiana, 'White Sage', one of the aromatic sages:

The name Salvia comes from salveo, salvare = to heal.
A medieval saying, sometimes attributed to Martin Luther, is: "Cur moriatur homo cui Salvia crescit in horto?" ('Why should a man die whilst sage grows in his garden?'). (One of my favorite quotes)

Salvia apiana, 'White sage' or 'California white sage', is a perennial at home in the mountains of Southern California, sometimes found in the desert of southern Arizona.

Some Artemisia species are incorrectly called sages. A better name for these is sagebrush; they generally taste vile, and have no place on the spice shelf. This misnaming has gone rather far in smudging: 'smudge bundles' are made with various grey-leaved species of Artemisia and sold as "whitesage" smudges. The only true whitesage is Salvia apiana, which has a delightful scent when burned.

The aromatic sages strengthen the lungs; they can therefore be used in teas or tinctures to prevent coughs: 2-3 cups a day for 1-2 months, repeat yearly. Less aromatic species of Salvia are run-of-the-mill mint-family anti-inflammatories, which means that they can be used for pretty much any infection or inflammation, and will give at least some relief.

Salvia apiana, white sage, is a very strong general anti-inflammatory, used as tea or tincture. The tincture has a very nice scent; it can be used as a perfume. This species is the famous whitesage of smudge sticks.
(from - http://www.iamshaman.com/salvia/salvia-sage.htm )

Here is a link that might be useful: Sages and Sages

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I am wanting to grow white sage in my garden for spiritual purposes....any help would be appreciated...it's not easy to find here in Las Vegas for some strange reason. Thanks...Cindy

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Hmmm... It's been a long time since the last post.

Anyways, my friend in the East Coast asked me to send her some white sage if I could. And I happen to finally have some free time to try to find some for her.

I saw what SweetAnnie4u wrote about growing white sage from a cutting. I was wondering what should I do if I want to keep the cutting viable for 3 days in a package. It would be great if she could grow it from a cutting also.

And what is the best way to send fresh white sage cuttings through the mail without threat of the plant drying out too much or decaying.

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lilamy(zone 8a)

You can get a packet of White Sage (Salvia apiana) seeds from Horizon Herbs for under $3. I have found other sources for them as well.

White Sage is not the only "sacred" sage. Different tribes used different types of herbs depending on their location and what was more available. Good luck!

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i have tried growing sage from seeds with no luck. A clipping of the cali white sage would probably do better considering I'm in Philadelphia.

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I got my seeds from relible place on ebay that I read in NA smudging book. Seeds cheap, and easy to grow. But depending where you live, may have to bring indoors in winter, or reseed?

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