HAVE: Salvia 'Hot Lips' & Salvia chamaedryoides

Mikey(SoCal-Z10-22/23)March 27, 2005

I have three trades of well rooted cuttings of Salvia 'Hot Lips' and Salvia chamaedryoides. Please see my trade wish list... Thanks - Mike

Salvia Photos

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rosewomann(z7 MD Montg. Co)

I have a whole lot of seeds you're looking for:
Alonsoa meridonalis "Mask Flower"
Aquilegia coerulea "Rocky Mountain Columbine"(have to check if I sowed all these).
Briza media "Quaking Grass"- Sowed these- can send a seedling when ready
Verbascum phoenicum ÂViolettaÂ
Wahlenbergia undulate ÂMelton Bluebird -small # of these
Salvia mexicana 'Lime Calyx'- small # of these
Salvia candelabrum
Plus small amounts of lots of other Salvia seeds, Agastaches,you name it!
I have free long distance- can go through my list of seeds & tell you how many of each I can trade. Or have cuttings of some. Thanks!

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rosewomann(z7 MD Montg. Co)

Wow Mikey,

When you say well rooted , you mean well rooted(they were small shrubs!). I only hope I can send you enough to make you equally pleased with the exchange. Today is my birthday & it was a great one. I must say the chamedroides was about 4x the size of a certain well known mail order nursery at which I paid $11 for a plant that didn't overwinter. They are eternal optimists with their zones. I told Ginny Hunt that I really appreciated her more conservative numbers. I'd rather bring it in than lose my investment! Yes at $11 plus shipping, it could be considered an investment, lol.
I really liked the way you used tape & closing the box to keep the plants from sliding around, were you an engineer before you retired?
Thank you again & again ! You made my day!


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Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)

Hi Mikey,

I looked at your list, but didn't see anything that I have. I do have an "Indigo Spires" salvia which draws the butterflies like crazy. Mine is about 3" tall, so I don't know if you'd be intersted in trading. I could include rain lily bulbs that I just ordered... zephyranthes citrina and z. rosea. I could include 3 each. Does this sound interesting to you?

BTW, I have some Naked Ladies that I'm hoping with bloom this year. Can you tell me if you have to stake them up?


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Hi Xtal and thanks for responding. Sorry but I already have made trades for all the rooted salvias on this and the plant exchange forum.

I don't stake my naked ladies. The ones that have too much shade sometimes reach for the sun and fall over after getting wet but the ones with more light are pretty upright.

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FlowerLady6(z10 Fl)

I saw this post and it answered my question of how to propogate Hot Lips, which DH got me for my bday last month. I got two of these very busy plants from my favorite local nursery. Right now some of the flowers are completely red, some white and some white and red. Is this normal? I love the plant and it adds to my cottage type gardens here in se FL.

I loved your Salvia chamaedryoides. I am very partial to blues/purples in my gardens.


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