HAVE: Salvia seeds for Salvia seeds

ninamoraMarch 20, 2007

Have fresh half packets of these to trade for Salvias I am looking for.

Ten seeds of each of these to trade:

Salvia pruewalskii

Salvia roemeriana 'Hot Trumpets'

Salvia hians

Salvia forskaohlei

Salvia splendens 'Caradiniere Orange', 'Saluti Dark Red','Carabiniere Scarlet'

Salvia lyrata 'Purple Prince'

Salvia sclarea

Salvia penstemonoides

Salvia napifolia

Salvia officionalis

Salvia staminea

I am looking to get these Salvia

Salvia africana-lutea

Salvia albimaculata

Salvia chiopensis

Salvia darcyi

Salvia disjuncta

Salvia dombeyi

Salvia jurisicii-really want this

Salvia madrensis-really want this

Salvia littae

Salvia puberella

Salvia spathacea

Salvia nubicola

Salvia regla

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Ninamora - I could collect some salvia darcyi seeds for you later this summer or possibly send you a plant. I planted one last spring that made it through the winter here and appears to have even made it through the late freeze that we had - still keeping my fingers crossed just in case. I collected a few seeds last year that I winter sowed and now have five seedlings.
I am interested in salvias that might winter over in zone 6 or at least 7, especially hummingbird magnets.

Please email me or post here. (I've heard a couple times lately that Gardenweb's email system isn't working very well).

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I will save a lot of salvia seeds this summer. We should keep in touch and I'll keep you posted on what seeds I get that will over winter in your zone. I would love some darcyi seeds too.

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Thanks Nina! - My darcyi spread from the time that I planted it last summer so it should have more seeds than last year. (hopefully) They germinated better for me than my greggi and guaranitica seeds. I still don't have any guaranitica seedlings. : ( It looks like at least one of my plants has made it through the winter though so I guess I'll try again next year.

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Nina - I have collected some s. darcyi seeds and wondered if you still would like some. I sent you an email from Gardenweb a few days ago but not sure you got it.

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I have blue and white salvia seeds that are available. I bought the plants last year at a garden store and they are my favorite in the garden. They grow 18-24" and have bloomed from spring until now. I want to expand to other varieties. I have collected many seeds from each plant and would like to add other colors. I would also like to get some salvia that is very tall. Sorry I do not know the proper names of my plants, I am very new to this exchange.

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