The Happy House Premieres

gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)November 14, 2008

Just thought I would drop a quick note to let people know that our home and gardens will be on Worlds greenest Homes on the discovery channel tonight At 6:00 pm eastern.We have no idea how goofy we will be looking,lol.Not sure what all is even on the thing.Course we also do not watch tv to top that off.

Anyhow hope anyone who watches it gets a giggle


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Oh Mary, I wish you would have posted sooner, I would have set the DVR to record it. I didn't see your post until I got home this afternoon, and it was already over. Maybe someone else was able to catch it, and can let us know about how it was.


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I checked the listings up here and Discover doesn't have that show (or anything else much, that's worthwhile).

I noticed that in Canada, World's Greenest Homes is on HGTV, so I checked that, too. Not today, maybe not any day . . .

I would have enjoyed seeing your home, Mary. I'm sorry I could not.

Your story about not watching TV made me smile. I was on live television a few times and didn't expect it so told no one to record. I was interviewed back in the Spring for a PSA-type documentary. It was scheduled and I missed it. I have been told repeatedly that it reran and someone else saw it. After nearly 6 months, haven't caught it yet.

When my earthly race is over
And I'm ready for the clover
And they ask me how my life has been
I guess I have to say
Ummm . . . I missed it . . .

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gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)

It does reshow several times I guess.Its on the green planet discovery channel.I think its back on the 21st and 22nd..
Thats my fault for not getting it on so people could plan on it.My world did a flip when I lost my 22 yr old son last month so I have been real lax at posting.This was one of his favorite things to do showing off the house and gardens.
LOl, I feel better now.When they contacted us they all got a good laugh at the fact we had no idea what the show was.They are supposed to send us a dvd of it.We did not see it last night either but got alot of calls from friends and family that did watch.Alot of people are suprised when they do come in and realize there is no tv, its in the garage unplugged, the kids run a movie through it now and then when they visit.James and I have not watched it for 5 years.

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I am very sorry, Mary.

And, I sure hope I made you laugh.


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