WANTED: white sage seeds

whiteelk(z3 ME)April 2, 2005

My wife and I would be interested in white sage seeds in exchange for things on my member page. The White Sage is a sacred medicine to us the native americans.

May Everyone's Garden Prosper

White Elk

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ccroulet(z9 CA Sunset 18)

What is the scientific name of the "white sage" you want? In California, "white sage" means Salvia apiana, but it only grows naturally in Calif. and Baja Calif.

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whiteelk(z3 ME)

true but if your soil is amended right it will grow in maine also

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ccroulet(z9 CA Sunset 18)

It only grows *naturally* in California and Baja California. This is not to deny that it might be successfully cultivated elsewhere. I'm skeptical that it can survive a Maine winter.

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I am a native S. Cal girl, now living in Oklahoma. I have a white sage that I grew from a cutting. I grow it in a large pot. Grows well all summer and then in the early fall, I bring it inside the greenhouse for the winter, as with the Pineapple Sage.

Reminds me of the arid foothills and canyon valley of my childhood home.
~ SweetAnnie4u

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White Elk,

Send me your mailing address and I will get a cutting of the Sacred White Sage out to you. I will not give it to those who do not hold it sacred. I got my cutting from a Cherokee sister.


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I too am looking to grow white sage in my garden for spiritual purposes...if anyone can help I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks CRC

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I am new here but am in some need of help. I am part Eastern Band Cherokee now living in West Central Ill. I am going to grow a medicine herb garden next spring. I was able to get a White Sage plant that is very small. One small stem. The stem itself it doing ok but the leaves are falling off. I have it under a light to give it more of a desert like feeling. I just got it within the last month. I also got some sweet grass to go with it. What can I do to help this sage plant do better or am I going to lose it. Please help me. I have been looking for one for a long time and just now found them and dont want to lose this. I live in zone 5 and plan on keeping both plants inside for the winter. What kind of dirt should it be in, how often should I water it? Please help me.


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The following information is from www.horizonherbs.com which is the site I am purchasing my seeds from

Cultivation: Sow seed shallowly in very sandy soil and water once daily. Average germination time 14 days. Wait until the seedlings have matured their second set of leaves before transplanting. White sage loves a dry, sunny exposure with perfect drainage. Use a thick mulch of sand to improve heat retention, reflect light back up into plant and keep crown perfectly well-drained and drier during the winter. White sage is hardy to 20° FÂotherwise cultivate as an annual or bring indoors for winter. Choosing the right soil and sun exposure will improve overwintering, and plants that overwinter will produce northern hardy seed. Plant 2 feet apart.

Harvesting and processing of white sage leaf: Harvest in the summer or fall, when the white-leaved rosettes are at their prime. Unless you expect that the plant will die (you live in Minnesota), do not pick all the leaves, or you will divest the white sage plant of its resources to make it through the winter. Allow the leafy stalks to wilt by setting them out on a table or on drying screens for a day or two. Once the leaves are leathery, supple and limp, then it is safe to place several stalks together and tie them up with cotton string in the traditional form of a smudge stick. Tie the base of the stalks with a knot, and wrap the string fairly tightly around the bundle. Then, hang indoors to dry the rest of the way. If you fail to wilt the leaves before bundling, you risk blackening the bundle by locking too much moisture inside from the start. The bundle will last for a year or two.

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I sell California White Sage SEED. It is difficult to germinate and I would include directions. It is only good to 20F and will not come back a following season if it gets colder than that. It is possible to just cultivate it each year, or cut it and bring the roots in for the winter. Seeds can be purchased at www.medicinalseedcompany.com Thanks, RaDonna

Here is a link that might be useful: Medicinal Seed Company

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ccroulet(z9 CA Sunset 18)

My experience is that it's very easy to germinate, but the rate is low, and you need a lot of seeds. I have 88 plants in #1 pots right now, all grown from seed germinated in late Oct 2007.

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I would like to get started with growing and drying white sage. I have Cherokee and Blackfoot in my blood and would like to delve more into my heritage.

Thank you!

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reyna1(Zone 8)

Interesting, my white sage looks so different than the picture above. Here is what my white sage looks like:

I got this from my mother's plant via a cutting.
This plant was put into soil that is practically clay. When dry it is almost like cement, though the plant does well in it and has put out runners. I could transplant it into a different soil type however I worry that if I give it too much drainage, that it wont do so good as the heat in Texas is insane during May-August.

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five years ago the first poster wanted seeds.did they ever get any.i have some fresh seeds.any body want some?

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I have some very fresh high quality California White Sage seeds with some excellent germination and planting instructions.

Please visit my website at: www.thebearfootshaman.com

Thank you!

RaDonna Fox
The Bear Foot Shaman

Here is a link that might be useful: The Bear Foot Shaman

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I would love to get either a white sage plant or some seeds so I can make my own smudge sticks to use in religious ceremonies. Could you help? Please email me at brueshaber1@verizon.net.

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