HAVE: Salvia Divinorum

discreetsnowingMay 3, 2010

I have many of these plants available.

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Thank you its the last bday Im having...getting too old LOL
you can reach me also yahoo dot com
same user name

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Do you still have the salvia? If so, I would be interested in getting some from you.

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I see the ad is a bit older, but do you still have any salvia available. Cuttings are just fine as they readily root. Lost my plant after many years. Thank you, Terry

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Hey dude I would like a cutting if you could trade me something for it. I have Phalaris Arundinacea Ornamental Grass, Trichocereus Pachanoi seeds, Datura Innoxia seeds, Morning Glory Pearly Gates seeds, If you want to give me a cutting that will do fine as well

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If you still have some plants I would like to trade

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