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apvonkanelDecember 5, 2010

I am a new gardener, and I want to grow my own peppers. Does anyone in the Houston area (or anywhere with a similar climate) have any experience growing peppers? If so, when is a tolerable time to plant (not just the best time to plant, but please include that too), and are there any tips you can give me?

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We have started ours now. Last year we started in Feb. and only got 6 Bhut plants. So started earlier this year from ...bhutheads.com....and have 25 Bhuts going strong!! We have no idea what to do with them this Spring!! LOL!! Very pleased with these seeds!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I think there are some Texas growers here, and I'm hoping they'll chime in...

I grow in Northern California, and I start my seeds indoors at the end of February.
By May 1st, my plants are ready to go to the garden or transplant into outdoor containers.
However, due to the rainy cool May we have here, it's best to plant toward the end of the month.

Last year, I noticed that the Chinense type peppers (Habaneros) grew compact and squat.
This meant that I had to elevate them to keep them near the grow-lights when my other seedlings
grew too tall. I pruned the other seedlings, but they still outpaced the Habaneros.

This year, I'll start these shorter plants in early February, which will give them a head
start on the other, taller, faster-growing peppers - Tabasco, Arbol, Poblano, and Thai chiles.

Another tip is that peppers don't like wet roots, especially as seedlings.
Avoid Peat Moss as a potting soil, and avoid Peat Pots for your seedlings.


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The best time to start outdoors requiring no inside planting for me is march. I live in Florida where we have some what similiar weather. My wife does not allow me to grow inside. I continue to add to my garden up til july. My grow season ends in late december. My garage allows them to live a little longer. The potted plants that is

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