What is the best wildlife night-viewing camera?

susankaNovember 12, 2009

Hi, everyone -- We know we've had a mountain lion on the neighbor's roof, which is about 35 feet from our roof; she heard it, and it left scat on the side of her roof nearest our house that was confirmed to be mountain lion by the local game warden. We've had other occurrences around here that seem to indicate the presence of a lion. I'd already been wishing we had some kind of a mounted camera outside so we could enjoy seeing the local wildlife activity, but now I'd like one also to verify that we have a mountain lion in the area, since DH and I like to sleep outside on our deck (which has no stair access, so until now we thought we were safe). Can anyone recommend the best kind of camera to get? I've googled "night vision camera" and "wildlife camera" but am confused about all the claims made, etc.

Thanks very much for any advice you can give.

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irisgirl(Z5 - CO)

Boy, Susan, you have yourself a real predicament there, don't you!? I did a quick look thru the forums available here, and found one that may help. At least the title of the forum sounds more useful for your situation, than our RM Gardening title! :)

And they are within the GardenWeb family. Best of luck in your search! Let us know if you get some photos of that cat!

Here is a link that might be useful: Nature Photography and Optics

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You might try going to Cabelas, then enter "camera" in the search box - the page that comes up has their selection, and they generally have good, and seemingly honest, product reviews.

You also might want to contact one of their experts and 'splain the problem.

We get mountain lions through a couple of times a year. I haven't seen them inside my deer fence, but they're often right out side it.

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irisgirl and david52, thank you very much. I've posted on the other forum, and will call Cabela's. We've seen ML tracks in the mud since then, so this guy is really hangin' around. Yes, I do know how to tell cat tracks from canine!

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jnfr(z5b CO)

I had mountain lion tracks in my garden one morning back when I lived up in Coal Creek Canyon. The tracks are hard to miss because they are HUGE! I never ran into one again, and I was grateful.

I like reading the reviews on Amazon - whether you buy there or not, you can gather a lot of info from reading about other people's experiences with an item.

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Earlier today, a friend was showing me the pictures he took of his halloween trick-or-treaters, using one of these - you can imagine the looks when the flash went off out of nowhere......

Here is a link that might be useful: $80 camera

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