seed trade for those who are interested!!!

bbarnes001(zone 9a-b)January 25, 2011

Hello all!!! i have some seed that i would like to trade for others that i dont have. few i have small numbers of, others i have plenty. please let me know if you would like to trade. come spring i will trade plants also. I will also have more seed. for now this is the list. all salvias

algeriensis, reflexa, apiana, nemorosa from romania, nemorosa ssp. tesquicola, hispanica, roborowski, discolor, barrelieri, turkestani, broussonetii, davidsonii, leucophylla, rumicifolia, virgata, juriscii, sagittata, lvandulifolia, eremostachya, pachyphylla, 'Nuchi', schlechteri, myriantha, 'stephanie', cinnabarina, interrupta, flava x hians ?, mohavensis, transylvanica, taraxacifolia, pennellii, 'peter vidgeon', macrophylla, lyrata, amarissima, urica, mexicana var minor, 'Curtis blue' unknown species thus far?, and nilotica. i will also have some of my newest color selections of greggii x jamensis in spring.

just let me know... i just want to offer it up for trade before it goes on ebay. All germinate well, thats why they are finding new homes!!! i will tell you if one germinates at a low % before anything happens.



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bbarnes001(zone 9a-b)

to add to this i also have seed for salvia.....

forskaohlei, viscosa, yellow pink greggiix jamensis, white greggiix, 'CA sunset' greggiix, cream and pink bicolor greggii of my own lines, praeclara, mellifera, canariensis, austriaca, clevelandii, moorcroftiana, sclarea, subrotunda, tilliifolia, macrophylla, and thats all i have.

first come, first serve.



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I would love any of these, since seeds of any sort are 'near impossible to purchase' here, but are you willing to send them to Costa Rica? Or Canada?
I don't have many Salvias but can trade some nice tropicals.
I grow mostly plants that the local hummingbirds enjoy plus the migrant Ruby throats that are here from mid-Oct-end to the end of March.

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