Question about a Spring Swap 2012 tomato

polygonum_tinctoriumNovember 13, 2012

At the spring swap this year (2012), I picked up a seedling of something labeled "A Chocolate Drop Cherry Tom" that was in a tall, red, plastic cup.

It was a very nice tomato. It grew well and gave us many full-flavored cherry tomatoes.

I have some questions about what exactly the variety name is and where the seed came from.

If this was your tomato, would you mind getting in contact with me so I can find out more?


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treebarb Z5 Denver


I participated in an edibles swap a while back, High Alt Bonnie posted about it. I got roughly 25 seeds of what is labeled Chocolate Cherry Tomato "A Chocolate Drop" (c) 2011. I think I started 4 and you got one of them. I'm sorry I don't have anymore info on it than that.

I thought it was a good one, too and will grow it again. I'm glad it did well for you.


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Thank you!

I'm not sure it clears up my questions, but it does give me more information about it! Is there some way to backtrack to the person you got the seeds from and what they called it in the swap? Then I can go pester that person for more info.

There are cherry tomato varieties named "Chocolate Cherry" and "Chocolate Drops". I'm trying to figure out if the tomato we grew is a named variety, and if so, which one. One problem is that the tomatoes on the plant don't quite match either variety. It could be something about how the plant grew in my particular garden, of course. But it would be nice to know for sure.

I too will grow it again no matter what its name is. It was relatively early, productive, and tasted good.

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