SIGH..and the fun begins!

zelicindyDecember 13, 2010

We have 10 Bhuts we started afew months a go in our downstairs "Bhut labratory". They are so nice looking and a good foot tall. But OH NOOOOO.....went downstairs to check on the babies and at least 3 are under APHID attack!! So now the fun begins on checking them every day and getting rid of the nasty little burgers!!! I KILL YOU APHIDS!!! Ahhhhh....the life of a Bhut farmer!!! :)

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Aphids are just a fact of over-wintering/growing peppers indoors.
I try to use the least radical methods. Ladybugs are best, as long as you spray a bit of moisture
on the plants so the Ladybugs/larvae don't die. Soap sprays will work...but need to be re-applied.

Basically, I rely on the vitality of my plants to grow new leaves faster than the aphids can eat.
But this means ample sun/light and plenty of available nutrients, especially the micros.
Also, the sooner you can begin hardening off your plants, the tougher the leaves will be.


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