winterizing peppers in central fl

genevabenDecember 27, 2012

I live in Geneva and have chili, cayenne, jalapeno, bell and banana peppers planted outside in raised beds - most of the leaves have turned yellow and are beginning to fall off. Any suggestions on what to do now? thanks!

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Is it actually going down below freezing in central Florida?

If it is, and the leaves are falling off due to the cold, then odds are its already too late. The plants have already essentially died.

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Hello genevaben,

I live in Deltona between Sanford and Deland on I-4. Don't worry about the leaves yellowing and falling off. We never got to long of cold. I think the frost was between 4-6 am when we got hit. its minor they should come back. just make sure not to water for a bit and keep that soil to a light moist to dry for a bit or until the plant tells you it needs water. Even tho it's gonna rain tomorrow :/. but its all good just next time throw a blanket over them when it hits below 40 and take it off in the morning. Then they should survive the winter. next couple of days should be warm for them not to care about a quick frost bite.

Sorry about the night shots just took them. I tried to show the leaves that did fall off and the colors of the leaves.

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