Pictures to go with seeds posted on the Seed Exchange thread!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoNovember 21, 2008

Here are the pictures to go with the seeds I posted on this years Seed Exchange! See that thread for additional information!


Hardy Perennials:

~ Acanthus hungaricus (balcanicus), BearÂs Breeches
<img width="500" data-gwi="1229784" src="" class="img-external" />
<img width="500" data-gwi="1229785" src="" class="img-external" />

~ Agastache foeniculum, Anise Hyssop, Licorice Mint
No picture and unfortunately this isnÂt smellavision!

~ Alcea rosea \- mixed colors, single hollyhock
<img width="500" data-gwi="1194385" src="" class="img-external" />
<img width="500" data-gwi="1229786" src="" class="img-external" />

~ Alcea rosea ÂNigraÂ, single black hollyhock
<img width="500" data-gwi="1229788" src="" class="img-external" />

~ Aquilegia chrysantha, Columbine
<img width="500" data-gwi="1229789" src="" class="img-external" />

~ Belamcanda chinensis, Blackberry Lily
<img width="500" data-gwi="1194570" src="" class="img-external" />
<img width="500" data-gwi="1194571" src="" class="img-external" />

~ Callirhoe involucrata, Wine cup, Poppy mallow
<img width="500" data-gwi="1229790" src="" class="img-external" />

~ Cyclamen hederifolium, Hardy cyclamen
<img width="500" data-gwi="1229791" src="" class="img-external" />
<img width="500" data-gwi="1229792" src="" class="img-external" />

~ Crocosmia ÂLuciferÂ
<img width="500" data-gwi="1229793" src="" class="img-external" />
<img width="500" data-gwi="1229794" src="" class="img-external" />

~ Dianthus barbatus, Sweet William, mixed colors
<img width="500" data-gwi="1229795" src="" class="img-external" />
<img width="500" data-gwi="1229796" src="" class="img-external" />

~ Echinacea purpurea, Purple Coneflower

~ Gypsophila paniculata, Pink, tall babyÂs breath
No picture!

~ Heracluim lehmannianum, Mongolian Cow Parsnip

With yardstick on leaf!



~ Hibiscus moscheutos ÂDisco Belle PinkÂ


~ Lavandula angustifolia, English Lavender (with pink Gaura mixed in!)

~ Penstemon strictus, Rocky Mountain Penstemon
No picture!

~ Rudbeckia fulgida ÂGoldsturmÂ, Black Eyed Susan
No decent picture yet, mine is still small. Looks the same as the ÂRustic Colors, but the flowers are all gold!

~ Rudbeckia hirta  Rustic ColorsÂ, Black Eyed Susan



~ Thalictrum aquilegifolium ÂPurpureumÂ, Lavender Meadow Rue



~ Nicandra


~ Snapdragons
You all know what snaps look like! :\-)
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laura_42(4b-5a Colorado)

Wow, those are some lovely flowers!

Thanks for sharing. :)

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laura_42(4b-5a Colorado)

Also, what's the story behind that super-sized cow parsnip? Is it really from Mongolia?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

The Heracleum very likely IS actually from Mongolia or at least that region. Youd be amazed how many of the perennial "new introductions" come from all over the world. A lot come from China and other areas in Asia! There are people that travel all over just looking for possible new perennials to growand sellover here! Panayoti Kelaidis from DBG does itheres a link to his blog from his most recent trip, and Kelly Grummons from Timberline used to do it sometimes too. Dont know if he still does. Re: the "cow parsnip," I found this in the Encyclopedia Britannica: ".....the giant hogweed, is native to the Caucasus but is grown elsewhere as an ornamental." That reference is to a different species (H. maximum) that gets even BIGGER, and I found another species specifically linked to Mongolia, and I found this at another site: "Heracleum lehmannianum, originally from Tajikistan. A thumping furry thing with huge cut leaves and big plates of umbels. The seeds in particular have a weird slightly indian spicy but not quite pleasant scent." There are apparently at least 60 different species of Heracleumsome called hogweed. As near as I can tell, the lehmannianum is pretty unusual, and I wish I had an appropriate place to grow it.

Theres another reference to the H.l. being from Tajikistan in the article Ive linked below. Its mentioned in the paragraph by the white flowers! Its all kind of interesting when you start to research it! Aint the web a great thing!


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I don't know if your variety of cow parsnip has the same qualities of the wild kind in Alaska

Poisonous Plants:
Alaska has no poison ivy or oak, but it does have cow parsnip. The bruised leaves of this large perennial can leave a chemical on the skin that makes it very sensitive to the sun, causing a blistered burn in a short while. Not everyone is sensitive but those with other allergies should be cautious. The reaction is easy to prevent - wear long pants and long sleeves when hiking around cow parsnip, especially on sunny days.

Might want to be careful -just in case....

I think I had seen it growing in MT at Glacier Natl Park, but I'm not positive. I had never heard warnings about it until I lived in AK. Obviously not the same variety as yours, but just in case it has the same irritation potential, you might want to know...

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Thanks, GB, but the H. lehmannianum is a species that isnt toxic to the touch as I posted over on the seed exchange thread. I react to lantana and my pregnant onion, so I wouldnt have anything around that makes me photo sensitiveespecially with as much as Im out in the sun. And Ive been crawling around, under, and in this thing for a few years now, and definitely not a problem. So no worries if somebody decides they want to try one of these.

If anybody wants seed for any of the things Ive pictured here, go to the Seed Exchange thread!


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Guess I didn't read it all...
Glad they're not the same kind!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Better safe than sorry!


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I just wanted to bump this up to keep it near the seed exchange thread...

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

This getting bumped back up reminded me that I was gonna post a picture of the Aruncus dioicus I added to my list over on the Exchange thread. See my November 23 post over there for more info.

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