Hummingbird video

treebarb Z5 DenverNovember 10, 2010

Someone emailed me this and I thought you might enjoy it. Sorry you have to cut and paste.


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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

That is an amazing video, Barb!! Thanks for posting it. That boy and bird are so sweet. And he did an amazing job taking care of it, looks like. I'm guessing he eventually released it to the wild, although the video didn't go quite that far.

The other videos are interesting as well! I clicked 'next' several times and watch the next ones. But have no idea how many there are, so finally stopped after the woman speaker on positive thinking. I wonder how long it will take to get to the end of all of them?!


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treebarb Z5 Denver

msty, I didn't notice there was a next video. Now I better go back and see what's next!
I have become interested in birds and hummingbirds are fascinating to me. I'm gradually adding plants like Agastache, hoping to attract them here. We mostly have what I think are sparrows, they clean up the grain the horses spill. I've started throwing them a handful so I can watch them while I fill the water tank. They're pretty cute!
The video grabbed me because of the boy's obvious dedication to the hummingbird. He's a patient kid!

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