About those Guarantica seeds

ramazz(8a VA)January 3, 2007

Is there any special treatment for salvia guarantica seeds? I have seeds from both my Black & Blue and Argentine Skies and want to plant them soon. I only have a couple from Argentine Skies, so I'd like to be sure I do right by them! I know to surface sow and mist the seeds and I have a heat mat and plant light. My B&B produced a lot of seeds but many of them didn't get ripe, I guess because the weather kept alternating between cold and warm at the end of the season.


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I also have a few b & b seeds and have searched for info on how to start the seeds and have found very little. Everything you mentioned is all I would do also, but in one place they had mentioned one should soak them overnight before sowing, but didnt say what in. I only have 10 seeds and I fear that none may germ and then where am I , when I had tried so hard to find some seed.

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ramazz(8a VA)

Hey Steve - I went ahead and planted mine, on the surface and using a heat mat. I am misting them every morning and there is also a plant light nearby but not directly over them. I will let you know when/if mine germinate if you want to wait to plant yours. I am pretty sure my B&Bs that are outside will come back up (they are already trying to, because of the warm weather recently)and I have 3 smaller ones in pots, so if yours don't come up, keep me in mind and I can send you one in the spring. I also have more seeds so I am hoping the ones I planted will grow, and then I would feel comfortable offering the others as trades.

Good luck with yours. I hope they are all black or dark brown as that should mean they are ripe. I have had mixed experiences with ebay seeds. But that doesn't keep me from buying more, it just eliminates certain sellers from my list.


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Hey Becky , thanks for the offer, sounds great. If none of mine germ, I will be taking you up on that. As you say hopefully they will be true enough to have the black calyxes. Yes my seeds are dark brown to black, more to the black , I think. Im thinking of trying to sow one seed now as trial to see what may happen. Although I dont have a heat mat yet, but plan on getting one, so I may have to wait a while untill stocks come in.

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