Potato Garden has opened store

jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)November 7, 2013

Finally, The Potato Garden (Ronningers) based on the Western Slope has opened the store. I've been checking a couple times a week and was finally rewarded. Just giving a heads up because some of the varieties go very fast, so ordering soon assures you a shot at them.

They are even offering Olathe Sweet Corn seeds. Rather expensive, but someone might be interested. I gave up on corn years ago because of the racoons.

Enjoy! Lots of fun tater varieties. I'll certainly be getting Irish Cobbler and Mountain Rose. Don't know what else, but one or two more.

The Potato Garden

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Sure, now I'm back to agonizing over the late varieties, Bonnie.

Do I want to allocate ground aaalll season and, to what? The "earlies" are in-&-out! I can plant snow peas and Asian greens while enjoying New Potatoes!

Then . . . those potatoes drive me nutz by sprouting! I'm taking off sprouts the 2nd time now on the few that are left from that late July/early August harvest. They are still good but a long way from New Potatoes. I can dance them around all I want to but I don't have the storage conditions to get the earlies past January 1st - maybe.

So, the lates - which ones? Go with fingerlings? They seem to be almost by definition late? DW may complain - she who thinks every potato should be peeled. Go with the bakers? It won't be Russet Burbank since they are so cheap in the stores in this "between the major potato growing regions" location.


Here is a link that might be useful: Long-Season Potatoes

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

I know, Steve, the multitude of choices sometime is worse than few choices. I love Irish Cobbler because it is such a great producer, but the best is the multitude of baby potatoes I get from each plant. Yummy! And I don't peel them ;)

Pssst, Bonnie is HighAlt, I'm Shelley. That's ok, I had a long absence. :)

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Oh, Shoot !


So is @luckybottom ! There should be some rule about more than 1 person having the same name on a forum.

Excuses: It wasn't my fault. Just a slip of the digit . . .

Or, maybe it was that other


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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

LOL, well, I take no offense at all.

As for the long season taters, I keep thinking about the German Butterball.

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