Pea Evaluations!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoNovember 10, 2008

Peas are my second favorite homegrown veggieÂsecond only to tomatoes, so IÂm always looking for recommendations that others think are really, really yummyÂRAWÂmaybe I should add that, Âcause mine never get even close to hot water! The ones I grow are all shelling peas.

Of the four I grew this year, I think my favorite was Early Frosty. ItÂs the first time IÂve tried it, and the flavor was really excellent, very sweet, and the flavor held pretty well as they got bigger.

My second choice this year was Green Arrow, which IÂve grown before. It had long pods with lots of peas, had a good flavor, and also held the sweetness pretty well as they got bigger.

Next would be Early Perfection, which IÂve also grown before. Also good flavor and holds sweetness fairly well.

And last is Alaska, which IÂve grown every year since I moved in here. In the past I always liked it because it seemed to be the first to produce, but this year it came in right along with all the rest. IÂve also found that every year they quickly lose their sweetness when they start to get big, and this year they didnÂt really produce well at all, so next year Alaska is out! With so many varieties out there, IÂm gonna be looking for one or two new varieties to try.

Which varieties did you all grow this year, and which ones did you REALLY like, and which ones didnÂt you like. IÂm looking for shelling peas, but rate your snow peas too!



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I grew some tasty Sugar Snap peas, but this was the first year for peas, so I don't have much comparison.

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stevation(z5a Utah)

I've repeatedly grown Sugar Snaps, and we all love them -- even the young kids. They all get eaten raw, sometimes with the pod, sometimes without. I should try some other varieties, though. Skybird, have you eaten Sugar Snaps, and how do your favorites compare in flavor to them?

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david52 Zone 6

I usually buy seed in bulk, so a lot of my selection has to do with what I can buy by the lb. We get Maestro, Wando, and, to be absolutely honest here, what ever Johnny's has in stock when I get around to ordering them - :-).

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Every year I build trellises for 3 garden pea types - English shell, Asian pea pod, and American snap . . . (I enjoyed assigning geography to those. Hope I didn't confuse :o) Then, I keep trying (unsuccessfully) to grow peas without a trellis . . .

The English shell peas are Green Arrow.

The Asian pea pod is Oregon Sugar Pod (doggone it, my geographical thingy just broke down!).

The American snap is Super Sugar Snap.

These all grow well, even and maybe especially with a cool, cloudy Spring. The "untrellised" varieties I've tried for about 4 years have been dwarf snap peas. If I've got extras, I want them to be snap peas.

I can remember when snap peas first showed up on the market . . . I ignored 'em. After I'd had my head examined - they have been a constant. If there was only one that I could grow, it would be a snap.

Now, if I just didn't HAVE to build all these darn trellises each year.


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