apiana seed

andy_sa(South Australia)January 13, 2007

Further to the questions about growing from seed, can anyone offer any specific advice about growing apiana? If so, please indicate seasons, not months (topsy-turvy down here!).

Also, just out of interest, is apiana seed expensive elsewhere? I've saved enough from my own plant this year, but originally bought a packet which was quite expensive for only 5 seeds.

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ramazz(8a VA)

I've not grown it, but I looked it up in my J.L. Hudson catalog. He sells a pack containing between 100-500 seeds for $4 US (my limited experience is that the lower number is closer to what you actually get). Here is what he says about growing the seed: Germination in 1-5 weeks, GA-3 (gibberellic acid)helps. Hudson lists this as having a 25-50% germination rate. So, here in the US it is not particularly expensive for the seed, but it looks like it is difficult to germinate. How did you get your original seeds to germinate?


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andy_sa(South Australia)

Thanks, Becky. My original packet of seeds came to nothing, so I bought a plant. These are still hard enough to come by, but at least I got a whole heap of seeds this year.

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Hi Andy,

Maybe being an aussie gal ,I can help you, I brought the Apiana seeds from Kings Seeds here in oz, they were about 3 bucks for a pack off 50, so not too expensive, I sowed 10 off them 2 weeks ago, 3 have now germinated, the most important thing to remember is to surface sow salvia seeds as they need light to germinate, so if you sow them now you should have no probs, I live in the tropics and I can sow salvia seeds all year round and that is what I do.


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