What is the name? 3' red salvia...

evie4(8)January 31, 2009

Many years ago I bought some red salvia starts. We still talk about those salvias. They were about 3' tall and almost as wide. All I ever see at the garden centers are the short ones. I'd buy the seed if I knew what they were called. My husband would be estatic to see those again. Hoping one of you know what I am talking about.


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I am just guessing with out more information. Red Hot Sally
a form of Salvia splendens? Is is annual or perennial?
More information like bloom time ,area of the country you
are in etc..Thank You

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I meant to add they were annuals. I bought them here in Oregon (Willamette Valley) late spring most likely, they grew and bloomed all summer. I've been looking the last 4-5 years for them, but all the starts are for types that are much shorter. The ones I had long ago were huge--I really think they were no less than 2 1/2 feet tall. Beautiful and did really well. They were red like the Red Hot Sally, but much much bigger plants. I've grown Red Hot Sally here and they just didn't come close to size of these others.

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There is a 24 inch form called lighthouse or it could be
a variety called Salvia vanhouttei this one for me gets
about 4'. Another is salvia coccinea "lady in Red" which maybe more of a annual in your environment but should be about 3'. Take a look on the web and see if any of those
would be what your looking for.

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It looked most like "lighthouse". I'll have to get some seed and give it a try! Thanks so much for the info!

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