Harvesting from the November Garden

digit(ID/WA)November 19, 2010

Temperature-wise, this has been a fairly mild autumn so far around here. The first frost was late and well into October. I have no doubt that there will be the average number of November days with frost (the Weather Service says 20) but it has YET to drop into the mid-20's!

That's about to change. Single digitS' have been forecast for next week.

This year, I grew a lot of kale plants. Nothing too special: Blue Curled Vates, as usual. Also, as usual, I have Asian mustard.

What seems kind of remarkable to me is that the mustard is still available for me to gather in the garden. And what is even more remarkable is that the mustard was growing right up until about a week or so ago and the kale doesn't seem to have done anything in a month!

Now, winter cold won't kill the kale and it is likely to kill the mustard but those plants have sure done well in this fairly mild autumn weather. Frost has hit it repeatedly but a couple days of rain and temps that stay above freezing and the mustard grows a little more!

The bok choy is still alive also but the quality of the plants went south about a month ago. The kale was harvested right up until frost and then it just stopped. The Asian mustard, sown in August, just kept right on going.

Just thought I'd share this success story with you. You might want to go more green in 2011 and show off (a little more ;o) in your neighborhood by harvesting out of your garden in November.


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Dan Staley

My experience with mustards is the same. They are amazingly tough, resilient plants, and don't underestimate the space they need. Don't overlook arugula either, and around here I almost literally cannot kill it short of pulling. Mizuna is very tough too in the cold, as long as it gets water in warm temps. Next seed order I'll get some kale, in hopes the kid will eat it with me.



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Well Dan, I've overlooked the arugula . . .

Yeah, it's out there. I don't know if the quality has stayed up, or not.

Look. I can take a little mixed in with other greens in a salad but it is somewhat like taking a bullet. Oh alright! It ain't THAT bad!

I don't know why DW even has me plant it . . . neither of us actually like arugula.


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