what salvias do well in heat and humidity?

Ariel73(z9FL)January 6, 2008

I am in the Tampa, Florida area and I love salvias!!! I am constantly drooling over some of the salvias that you all post like S. pachyphylla. Wow is that a beautiful salvia, but sadly will not do well in my area.

I would love some suggestions of what would do well in my area.

Some of the salvias I am currently growing are;

S. Limelight

S. mexicana

S. Vanhoutti

S. coccinea 'Coral Nymph'

S. Dancing Flame

S. Hot lips

S. Pineapple

S. Mystic Spires

S. Maraschino

S. leucantha

I have a few more but I don't know there names yet and I forgot to take pitures when the were blooming.

I would love to add to my collection and could use some imput.



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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Well, most of the glossy green broadleaf sages will do well. These include the puberulas, involucratas, blepharophyllas, miniata (almost a weed), buchananii, iodanthas, purpureas, species from Smith College (blue), littae, leucantha hybrids, farinacea hybrids and forms, reglas, sessei, holwayi, cacaliifolia, most microphyllas, darcyi, guaraniticas (especially Van Remsen form), mexicanas, caudata, sinaloensis, disjunctas, chiapensis, karwinskii and hybrids, glechomiifolia, tubiflora and especially its newly discovered cousin SL411, penstemonoides, uricas, melissodora, and keerlii. I anticipate that S. dichlamys will thrive in Florida. Some of the high Andean sages like corrugata, and especially sagittata, scutellarioides, and possibly macrophylla may melt in the heat.

Greggiis and especially the hairy, silver leaved forms are usually a problem, as are many South African ones. Scabra, namaensis, and possibly chamelaeagnea are exceptions.

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Wow! You have given me a lot of plants to look up. I know what I will be doing this evening.
Thank you!!!

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Yes, sagittata did not work out for me last summer. The upright macrophylla did quite well although I would have liked it to have earlier bloom. The squash like leaves were really cool as were the blue flowers.

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