The shortest day, or.............

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoDecember 20, 2012

So, is anybody else around here wondering if Friday is gonna be the shortest day of the year, or the last day of the world!?? I've heard a couple stories on TV saying that NASA has issued a statement that the world is not going to end on Friday! Apparently they were being overwhelmed by inquiries from "concerned" folks and had to do something to try to put an end to it! Just exactly why one would be contacting NASA on the subject is a little bit beyond me! Guess they're as good as anybody for Official Information!

As for me, I remember sitting in a high school class watching the Last Minutes tick down on the clock one other time when the End of the World had been "announced," so I am fully planning to be putting in another garden in spring!

It has been so dead around here one might think the world has already come to an end, so does anybody else have any comments on this subject---or any other subject!?!

SO glad the days will start getting longer again in a couple more days,

Here is a link that might be useful: NASA - Beyond 2012: Why the World Won't End

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Much of my childhood was spent in a church that developed out of the "Great Disappointment." Many people back then thought the end of the world would be October 22, 1844.

Didn't happen so they abandoned that idea and went off with some new ones . . . .

It was just last year that Harold Camping was getting all that press! Give up looking for Jesus - turn to another religion. Give up on some sort of religious prediction - turn to astronomy (or, astrology). Give up on some astronomical alignment or meteor hurtling at Earth - turn to something else!

I mean, the end will happen to each of us. It may have been a more interesting scenario to go with Jonestown or Krakatoa.

Me, I'll take the Winter Solstice and just plan on being around for the Spring Exinox. I'm on Pacific time here so the mid-point of earliest sunset and latest sunrise will be at 3:12am. That about the time I'm up during the summer but I'll likely need all the strength I can muster thru the day just to dodge all the reported zombies. I'm thinking of sleeping another hour.


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So every year at the end of December I throw away my old calender and start a new one. To me this is exactly what this is. So where do I get my new stone one? Or can I use the old one over again? The big thing is how did they do it so accurate? Just by looking?

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I called my doctor's office yesterday to find out what I should do to stay safe.



He told me to eat soft foods so as to lessen the risk of biting myself.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

And morning dawns, bright and sunny--here in Denver at least!

Kenny, I don't think you can use the old calendar again---but on PBS the other nite there was a show about how they built the sphinx, and they were showing stone and copper tools (that need to be reshaped over and over since copper is so soft that they just keep smooshing down!), so maybe you could try chipping a new calendar out with some stone or copper tools--and keep your forge nearby to fix your copper tools over and over and over...... Hey! It's just a calendar, not the sphinx! ;-)

I had to google to find it, but the date I remember when the world was going to end was April 22 of 1959! I don't remember the exact time, but I think it was 10-something in the morning--I was in English class, I remember that! And when I was searching for the info I came across this fun site which compares how all the traditional world religions "view" The End Of Time! I don't know who the person is who wrote this, but I love the way he (?) did it! The Seventh Day Adventists/Davidian stuff on the bottom is the date I remember, and there's some "interesting" famous people below that who thought the world was going to end.

Stay safe, Digit! We definitely plan on having you around here for the Spring Equinox!

Glad we're all still here--at lest those few of us that do still seem to be here on RMG!

SOON it'll be noticeable that the days are getting longer again! :-D


Here is a link that might be useful: Fun Facts About The End of the World

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