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digit(ID/WA)December 7, 2013

Doesn't look all that great the next few days.

These are the expected pressures and fronts over the next 7 days (the first thing I do on this page is slow the loop down!):

LINK, Weather Service.


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treebarb Z5 Denver

Yes, Steve, it's pretty miserable here! It was kind of fun, an adventure for the first few days, but we won't break freezing until Tuesday.

On the plus side, I got one of my Xmas presents early. Battery operated, heated gloves. The beau decided I needed them now! They've been a handsaver, although I'm already on the 2nd set of batteries.

How's the weather on your side?


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Frigid, Barb. But, I know it could be worse at a higher elevation.

Nothing in the way of snow on the ground so the frost is just going down, down, down!

A morning low of 3of, 15mph wind so quite a wind chill! It is supposed to be a little colder tomorrow morning. The wind is fading, I'm happy to say.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Glad you checked in, Digit! I've been wondering about you up there for the last few days! When I checked NOAA a couple days ago it looked like you were getting the COLD even worse than we are down here.

I was down to -9 on the first nite, the coldest nite, and it was -5 here last nite. It's 10 out right now, has been getting into the low teens for the last couple days. Like you, very little snow, so the ground is getting frozen HARD this time! Luckily, for us down here, it should thaw pretty quickly again when it warms up toward the end of the week. Sure glad the sun's been out here for the last couple days! It may not be making the air any warmer outside, but lookin' out, it sure gives one the "feeling" that it's warmer out there!

I'm sure glad I'm retired now and don't need to worry about driving on slick roads, or whether or not the car will start! Haven't been outside 'cept to get the mail in and fill up the bird feeders!

Stay "warm" up there,

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Plenty cold here in Aurora. It was -15 F this morning though we have a few inches of snow on the ground for a bit of insulation.

All the plants look happy in the 4 coldframes but I don't dare open them.

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Yesterday afternoon, I was watching TV and saw the weather map for Colo, and we were the hot spot in the state at 30úF. Had 4 inches of snow, and down to -10 tonight.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

We're up to a balmy 23 F right now, but not expected to break the freezing mark for the next week. We've have had several nights with lows below zero.

We got hammered Tuesday night with 14" of snow. They actually closed the schools here, which never happens. Plow took forever to arrive, and I ended up walking to work. Good thing it's only a mile away!

We got a couple more inches of snow overnight, but the sun is out today, and the road conditions are improving. Pretty sure we'll still have snow on the ground for Christmas ...

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Well see, that is what I thought was happening in CO.

It looked like a lot of snow had been falling. It might have been only on your side of the state, Bonnie.

5:30pm and our temperatures are already back to the single digitS'. The WS is saying "above normal" by next weekend but that just means mid-30's by then - and snow . . . right thru the week.

It was really bright and sunny for much of the day. Like Skybird says, it looks nice out. Once you go out, it is easy to see the lawn grass is kind of grey/not green. The sun didn't melt even the tiny bit of snow on the south slopes of the roofs, today.


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Do you feel like we dodged some kind of bullet?

While the Midwest, South and East Coast were getting slammed . . . I was just glad for the fresh air We had plenty of sunshine!

There was a small snowstorm yesterday. It added not 2" of new white stuff to the crusty junk that has been lying around in my yard for the last month+!

The roadways are so thoroughly frozen that even this little storm caused serious accidents all over the place. People must not have realized the serious traction problems until they began to spin out of control.

California continues with its drought but even in Great Falls, Montana - they were just "touched" by some cold. Tonight, the thermometers in Great Falls won't be showing a freezing temperature!


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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

Amen to that, Steve. After spending two dreary winters in Maine, I'm doing a jig that I missed their monster freeze. In the early stages, the old-timers were saying it wouldn't come close to the disastrous freeze they had in 1998, but they are rethinking that one. Some of the pictures my friends have posted are beautiful, but the damage to those poor trees breaks your heart.

It's been cold, but then it is balanced with some warmth. And sunshine. Oh, glory, glory, I'm back where the sun shines! Even on cold days.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

There's no place like home---in the Rocky Mountain West! I'm so spoiled that yesterday when we had a mountain wave cloud over us all day and it was SO dark it looked like it was about to start pouring all day, I thought maybe I had died and gone to The Midwest!!!

I grew up in Illinois and didn't even discover until I was 20 that with dry air it was actually possible to breath easily and not be stuffed up all the time, and, I thought I knew what the sun looked like back then--I thought I did! Lived in Manhattan for a year before Denver, and thought DIRT was the normal breathing substance while there! Sun? What's that? After a couple years in Denver I lived in Lancaster County Pennsylvania for a year: cold - snow - rain - bugs - HUMIDITY! And starting in 2000 I lived in San Fran "part time" for over three years, and I have absolutely no idea what the "attraction" to that place is! I was always cold when I was there--summer and winter--or was there any difference?!!

There's no place like home, where you can breath clean, dry mountain air, you're not sticky and sweaty all the time, and, in Colorado at least, we get 300 days of REAL sun every year!

And when the sun shines out here on a COLD day, Jali, besides seeing its wonderful golden face, you can actually feel that the sun makes HEAT!

Glory, Glory---Hallelujah!


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