Help with seeds?

FortySixandTwoDecember 28, 2013

Greetings, fellow chiliheads!

Hoping you guys can help me out; I'm volunteering at a local community garden that donates the majority of its produce to food banks and halfway houses. It's a really worthwhile project but unfortunately funding is a major issue.

If anyone would be willing to help me out with some free seeds, I'd gladly cover the postage and would be more than happy to share any seeds I have that might interest you.

Peppers we're currently growing include orange habs, jalape�os, guajillos, �t hi�m, serranos, Jwalas, and Poblanos. I'd especially love to get my hands on some superhots.

Thanks in advance, and happy holidays!

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You donate hot peppers to food banks? Sounds interesting, please tell us more. I may have some to share...

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judo_and_peppers(Tampa FL)

try to get in on that holiday seed swap as a noob. it's a pretty recent thread. all you gotta do is send in a sasbe.

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Yep. For one thing, the area is predominately Central American, so there's a lot of chilies, tomatoes, tomatillos, cabbage, beans, and squash on the menu. It's just as much about expanding peoples' awareness regarding food, though, so I've got some pretty exotic stuff going too (carambola, Cape gooseberries, passion fruit, papaya, kohl rabi, dragonfruit, etc.). We're even keeping bees and tilapia, and there are people associated with the garden keeping hens and goats on other properties. All of this in urban/suburban areas in the Palm Beach, Fl area. The best part is that my high school students have gotten involved in a big way, breaking free of the stereotype of today's kids as being lazy or uninspired. It's good stuff all around, and more to come.

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Update: Jim Duffy helped us out in a big way. The guy is a class act all the way. I hope to be able to repay his unhesitating kindness with more than word of mouth at some point, but for the moment, I have students asking me how cross-pollination works. Thanks for paying it forward, Jim.

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That's great that Jim was able to help. For the kids asking about cross pollination for prppers point them here

Keep us posted on how the peppers do with pics.


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Harvest seeds from the peppers you grow this summer and you will have more than enough and maybe some to pass on the following season. Good luck with the grow this year and good luck with the community assistance work.
I am just not sure that some of those folks on "meals on wheels" are going to enjoy a Ghost Pepper to the side of their Carne Asada.


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