I don't know Collards, Couve Tronchuda . . . or kings.

digit(ID/WA)December 6, 2010

I have been going thru the new seed catalogs!

Have any of you RMGardeners grown collards? I have tried! One year, I recall, it got nearly as big as cabbage plants. I don't think collards like hot dry days and chilly nights.

What is this Couve Tronchuda (Portuguese Kale)? Johnny's has a hybrid, Beira. Pinetree has a Couve Tronchuda.

Curled Scotch kale is in the garden most every year. I don't know what to think about kale. It isn't really much of a favorite. But just when I'm convinced that the only veggies that kids like are French fries and pizza sauce, DD shows up and wants to take a bushel of kale home with her!

So, I'm thinking of trying something new -- Couve Tronchuda!

What is new, new, new-to-you that you are thinking of trying?


does this font make me look fat?

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Veggie forum has a post on that kale.

And the font, being black, is slimming. ;o)


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xaroline(zone 3 Calgary)

I grow Collards every year as it is easier to get one serving than cut up a whole cabbage.
Kale is good----chop it, steam it and combine it into mashed potatoes.
Again I like it because it is easy to get one serving from the garden.
I tried the Italian black kale one year,but it did not do well. I had it out as the border of a sunny flower bed. Probably better if in a part shade bed.

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You grow collards, Xaroline? ! ?

Kale in my mashed potatoes? No, that's a bridge too far. Have to go with cabbage . . . it isn't as chewy as kale (and, when I do bite down on it in the mashed potatoes, it makes interesting noises ;o).

I will run into some problems finding seed this year after trying new varieties of carrots and Anaheim peppers in 2010. Candy Sticks did real well by not splitting and Cardon was a fine pepper that was sent to me as a substitute. The carrot seed was already a year old before I learned how well it did and it doesn't seem to have been for sale this year. Cardon was something new! Looks like it has already been pulled, as well . . . shucks.


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