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digit(ID/WA)December 16, 2013

What is advertised for you on Gardenweb?

Often, there's a pop-up window that I am intent on ignoring but right now, it's something different . . . Makes me wonder how much Gardenweb, or more likely, an advertising outfit, knows about me.

Along the left of the screen is a pretty young lady with her long hair thrown back, lying down I think. On the right of the screen is a young guy in a hat, with the words "treat treat" written across his chest.

At the top of the webpage is a Levis ad! "Treat others, treat yourself!"

Do they know I wear a hat?

Yeah, and I wear levis, too. Having a pair of 501's when I was a kid in school was such a big deal! DW will wear denim once in awhile but, I'm quite sure, never cared to buy levis.

So, where does that leave me? I've never ordered a pair of levis on the web. I don't remember having mentioned them here. Does the advertiser know I buy levis?

(And, this young lady . . . . ;o)

i could use a hat

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I've got an ad blocker up and running thats fairly effective, but somehow, in the last week, to the right I'm seeing three large color photos with cookies, wreathes, and Brussels sprouts, all part of garden web, I think.

Steve, after many a year searching, I found that I can buy the original 501's on Amazon - the kind that start off coloring everything in the wash blue, feel like a canvas tent for the first 3 months, then slowly, over the next 3-4 years, great jeans that shrink to fit.

The last time I'd bought these were back in the early 70's. I dunno why I had to add a few inches when I re-order them 40 years later.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Nothing is advertised on my browser :-) A few tweaks to Ad Block plus and they all go away.

The way the internet companies are collecting and sharing information is almost scary. Firefox has a new tool called Lightbeam that will give a graphic display how they are all interconnected.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lightbeam

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You know, I've always thought that ad blockers might slow things down when loading a webpage. Probably, that hesitation for using them is a result of having dial-up for years & years.

Still, I get "shockwave has crashed" notices. While the stinking shockwave is struggling to load an ad - everything freezes! Since my internet security will also slow things down about once a day, I wait patiently only to find out that an ad service has truly interfered with my internet use.

My firefox blocks pop-ups - supposedly, but that's about it. Do you get GardenWeb's "Most Recent Posts" in the right-hand side bar with an ad-blocker?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

This isn't really a "fix" digit, but for the times you only want to "read" GW, if you disable JavaScript before you go to the site, none of the animated media will load! I don't know how to do that in Firefox, but it's real easy in Safari (and I suspect it is in Firefox too)! For me, I just keep Safari "preferences" open in the corner of my screen (I have it there all the time so I can keep deleting all the cookies except the couple I need), and in Safari I go to the "security" tab and uncheck the "enable JavaScript" box. Hasta be something like that in Firefox too! The catch is that if you want to post, you need to reenable it or you can't sign in--and, not sure about this, but it probably wouldn't be able to actually post a reply either. But if you're just planning to check out What's Up, it keeps all the obnoxious stuff from bopping around on the screen, and, it should help speed things up for you! (It WILL still load the unanimated stuff!)


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