Trying to find Salvia fruticosa seeds

paul_johnson(4)February 9, 2014

I have been trying to find Salvia fruticosa seeds in the U.S. I have not had any luck doing searches. I was hoping some one may be able to direct me to someplace I can order them. I have found on the forum posts on trading them, but I unfortunately do not have anything to trade so I was hoping to find a nursery or seed company that sells them.

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I've only seen them occasionally here and i the UK. They come in and out of availability, it seems. Keep looking and eventually they will show up.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Mostly, seeds of Salvia species are offered when that is the most convenient way to propagate them. Many do not set much seed well,and for many species, ripe seed is not held in the calyx for more than 4 to 10 days before the calyx falls off, or the seed falls out. Also, finches love the seeds of many. This makes collecting them very tedious.

New World species are generally much harder to collect than Old World species. Fortunately, S. fruticosa is closely related to Old World S. officinalis, which does set seed well enough to be readily available. Some hybrids of garden sage have S. fruticosa genes in them.

Unless there is a good market for them, seeds of Salvias are generally not available. Did you try Seed Seva?

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Here is where you can buy them, they are under their other name salvia triloba, I purchased them there and they do have the 3 point leaf.

Cheers Annette

Here is a link that might be useful: salvia triloba

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