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robinmi_gwFebruary 4, 2014

Rather bored this afternoon, spent a couple of hours browsing this forum for the years 2005-2007. What a revelation! So much forgotten info, and so much advice. (Cannot believe some of the rubbish that I wrote at times, when a newbie! )

Does anyone else browse like this? Many regular contributors from then are no longer contributing....rather sad....or perhaps all questions have been answered? For me, I am constantly discovering new Salvias...though, these days, most are hybrids....some of which are superb.


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Hey, Robin. If you have extra time you can always come here and work. (smile)

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It seemed a lot more active back in the is a good reference though...

Cheers Annette

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I haven't browsed that way but when I do searches for a particular plant, the search results may show threads from many years ago. Still good info as you said, but just had to refrain from making any posts there, even to say a generic thanks, in case people frowned on bringing up old posts.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

That's not just a trend on thus forum. All others on salvias that I know of have also faded. Where is the traffic going? Blogs, maybe? Or perhaps other social media.

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CA Kate

Because of new living situation, I no longer have the gardens - and Salvias - that I use to have. Now I do more reading and less posting. I still love my few Salvias that I brought with us. A white with dark pink lips S. cocinnea is still thriving after 3 years. And the pot with what I thought was S. officinalis is actually a thriving S. Bees Bliss spilling out of its now broken pot. Perhaps I'll be able to squeeze in a few more as time goes on.

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Hey Rich, it's not just Salvia, it's general. I think either people are too busy to come here or other forums, or they all think they can get all their info on facebook.

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Robin reminded me of this form at another site. I kind of lost track of things here after a long period that didn't seem to have much activity. If I recall correctly that period between 2005 -07 was very exciting for a lot us. We knew little and hung on the comments and advice of more sage members. Any personal success I have had with these plants is directly attributable to what I learned here.

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CA Kate

One comment on the Forums in general - although not here: many seem to be taken over by two kinds of posters, either Bossy-boots or Poor-mes. I've gotten quite tired of both.

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Robin, I did the same thing last week. Always getting tempted though in getting new salvias and now the book you recommended. I do have a few salvia seedlings started too.

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