Am I rooting Pineapple sage correctly? (pic)

connordubFebruary 14, 2009

Here is a pic of my 3 or 4 week old p. sage cutting.

I took 5 or 6 cuttings from the base of my pineapple sage plant a few weeks back. This is the only cutting that has had noticeable success, although the others have not died or wilted. I would like to confirm that the new stem (the one in my fingers, in the pic) is indeed sage and not a wayward weed seed from the garden soil. I am optimistic about this plant, as it has well drained rich soil, has a very vibrant green color, and spends the majority of the day under a clear plastic bag. The bag has helped a lot, and i'll have to remember this trick for the future. I have noticed 2 leaves growing recently, in addition to the two rounder leaves (cotyledons?). The newer, more jagged leaves are hard to see in the picture. I would gladly appreciate any tips on how to keep this plant growing. Also, roughly how long does the process from cutting to planting outside take? Thanks in advance :)

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CA Kate

It certainly could be a Pineapple Sage seedling, but it's a bit too early to know for sure.... it might be a side sprout form the rootstock.

I found that I need to loosely "bag" all Salvia cuttings AND keep them a bit warm. The increased humidity seems to help a lot.

Good luck with your babies.

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thanks, would a rootstock eventually turn into a new plant?

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CA Kate

We'll need to ask Rich that one.

Rich, how does one remove a baby from the rootstock?

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I don't that I would seperate the two plants. You may end up loosing both let the plant on the left continue putting
on older leaves so you can Identify it.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

I'd leave it in until both have good root systems. If I have problems separating close plants, I will plunge the root ball in a bucket of water, work out all of the soil, separate the root systems, then repot. This works best with fast-growing plants like subtropical sages. It does not work that well with arid zone plants, because they don't like getting that wet.

I don't know what is going on with imageshack, but it does not work well with Firefox.

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Hey Connordub,

Salvia Elegans (True Pineapple Sage) rarely produces viable seeds in Cultivation, and since the plant in your photo does have Cotyledons I would say it is a rogue seedling.

The other plant in the photo is definitely Salvia Elegans, which I grow in my Garden (Zone 8/9) as a Herbaceous Perennial, It goes over with a hard frost, but comes back from the base in Spring. It is a fast grower and can grow to full size in 1 season, and flowers from late Summer until the first hard frost, which was early January here.

I take cuttings from the tips in late summer, and put them in water in my heated Greenhouse, it takes the about 2 weeks to root and about 5 weeks until they are ready to be potted up or planted out. Change the water regularly. Salvia Elegans will root much easier in a high humidity environment. My Greenhouse ranges from about 70-85% humidity, and every single cutting I took last year has rooted, and gone mental! I am well happy because now I have another 7 plants plus the original.

I hope this helps...


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thank you all for your advice. that's disappointing to hear that it may be a foreign seedling. I've been pampering this thing for weeks :( . I'll hesitate, of course to remove it, until I'm sure. anyways, it seemed sort of fishy, as it didn't have the fuzzy, woody stem that this sage seems to possess.

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lol keep the seedling and see what it is, it might be something amazing!

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