Salvia indica - again

gerris2February 23, 2013

I'm growing this salvia again after a couple of failed attempts over the past almost decade. I hope I've learned how to keep the plant alive so I can see its fabulous flowers. The seeds came from Robin, thanks! I got 100% germination on 3 seeds.

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Good germination. Never ever over-water the seedlings/young plants, they appreciate a fairly dry and warm environment. You may not get flowers until the 2nd year. Always protect this from slugs and snails! Good luck with this, the flowers are gorgeous, if only for a short time.


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Thank you for your guidance.

How does one tell when to water them? Wait for a visual cue such as visible wilting before watering the container?

Did you withhold fertilizing them as well?

In overwintering them, did you reduce the frequency of watering to ? until warm weather arrived in spring?

Thanks for helping me if you are able.


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Don't wait until the plant wilts, just feel the surface of the soil and the weight of the pots.

I never fertilise this Salvia as it thrives in poor soil!

In autumn (fall) the plants will die back and should resprout from underground in early spring. Only water occasionally in winter.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the information Robin.I appreciate your sharing your experiences with this species.

Help me understand how to prepare a poor soil. It would appear indica would be happy in a sandy well draining potting mix. How would I go about preparing a potting mix that would give the best chance for good growth and survival? It's funny but you can't pop over to the garden center and ask for a bag of potting mix to meet this plant's needs.

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Poor does not really mean poor...just garden soil, with a bit of gritty compost added...just ordinary, I suppose. No nutrients necessary for Eastern Eurpoean or Turkish Salvias.......what is essential is good drainage!

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Here are a couple views of the first true leaves of the seedlings. I am enjoying their fuzzy leaves for certain!

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More photos - I am loving the long hairs on the leaves.

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