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staticx(6b)February 21, 2009

first off i want to know why you like salvias so much,and is the divenorum(sp?) the only one with the effects and if so why did it evolve this and the others dident,defense from animals or other reasons.also im not a stupid pot-head


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In my case I like plants, Salvias are one of my favorites.
They easy to grow ,very different in flower form and genetic
make-up. From a hybridizers persective a very fun plant to
work with you never know what the Salvias flowering is going
to be foliage is different not alway's predictable.
What other conditions is this plant capable of growing in?
The joy that I see in other peoples faces when seeing a Salvia they have admired growing in someones garden.Knowing
that Hummingbirds ,Bee's and Butterflies have found food on
there journey home.Salvia's are used in cooking as a spice,as a food ,Medicine or even burning Salvia apiana
leaves after work to relax. Just because we don't want some
people here looking for there S. divinorum. Does not mean
we can't appreciate a plants beauty from another angle.This
formum is more about Salvia as a ornamental. There maybe other uses for S.divinorum but lets allow researchers and scientist discover those. I grow it and consume Salvia hispanica as a food as well as a ornamental.In short there are so many Salvias that are still waiting to be found and need growing before they
are destroyed.Concentrate on those type of opportunites. Why does any plant grow
where it does because it fills what ever nitche it is suppose to. Not everything about Salvias is known.There
are still plants out in the wild that may have other properties we have not discovered.

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CA Kate

I like Salvias not only because they each have unique characteristics and beautiful flowers, but also because most foraging animals don't like to eat them, which is a big advantage in my rural garden.

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I like salvias because they attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I like salvias for all the reasons above and some of the genus will put up with me and the god awful soil I live on and all the deer around me do not like them. I like the native salvias of all the areas of Texas and northern Mexico. They work for me without a whole bunch of me slaving away.

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