seil zone 6b MIJune 28, 2013

I've started getting more of these. They have good size blooms, bigger than minis, but the plants don't get as big as the big girls do. So they're space saving, lol!

Butter Cream, new this spring. Hoping to get one for my show next spring.

Double Take, new this year. Found it as a bagged rose at Meijers!

First and Foremost, loving this one!

Focal Point, good bloomer

Isolde Hit, for a grocery store mini this is a wonderful rose.

Madeleine, not thrilled with this one. It doesn't bloom much and they tend to ball up a lot.

Patron, one red hot Momma!

Powerhouse, is just as hot but ORANGE!

Robin Alonso, pretty blooms but disease prone.

Show Stopper, nice pink with lots of petals.

Snow Ruby, wish this one was more vigorous because I love the blooms.

Violet Mist, nearly lost this one to the rabbits but I dug it out and potted it and it's coming back now.

Yantai, like the soft yellow with a hint of pink.

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inga007(Ont. 6a)

Nice. Good collection.

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Love your minifloras. Focal Point is gorgeous, love them all though. I have wanted to try them, think I will next year.

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seil zone 6b MI

Thank you, Inga!

Thanks, Sara! Go for it! They're fun and bloom a lot!

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Oh wow those are so gorgeous Seil!! DOUBLE TAKE and PATRON are my faves!

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You're bit as bad as me!! The longer you grow Focal Point & Patron, the better they get. Mine are going on their 3rd yr and both got blue's at the South Metro Show this past spring. Show Stopper has won two Kings for me in the 3 shows I've done since moving up to N. GA. OVER PROTECT Butter Cream during the winter. It's very tender. If it comes through the winter OK, you'll be happy with what it does. Violet Mist, please save. I need a plant next summer. PLEASE??? :)

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I really like Isolde Hit! :) Reminds me of oranges 'N' lemons...And orange powerhouse :)
But there all very nice seil!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Love your collection of mini-floras!


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seil zone 6b MI


Ken, I'm working on it!

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