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miss_daisy(z7)September 29, 2007

hi all,

i'm looking for any cactus, succlent or crassula or any other seed to any plant that would be mentioned on this board or the dicussion board. i don't know what's what is why i i post the message like this...lol, thinking that maybe i could get something that i can grow with out having to name it.

example-- lithops--what is it ? succlent, cactus or what ? i don't know but i want that seed badly too.

i also know the name of one other seed that i want is the donkey tail ( sedum crassulaceae ) also i want a baby or seeds for the madagascar palm. i have some seeds that i can trade..i will trade 5 packs of mine for ever 1 pack of 20 seeds that you send me.

here is a list of seeds that i have for trade.

FLOWERS, trees, and shrubs -----

marigold , crackerjack mixed- 6

" , lemon drop-1

" , dwarf french mix - 3

unknown orange marigold- 2

redbud tree-- about 7 trades

sunflower, mammoth- 5

mixed dahlia---about 14 plus trades

red castor bean -28 ( abt 9 seeds each)

blackberry lily - 19 ( 20 + seeds each)

white baby's breath- 3

candy lily or blackberry lily- 1

sweet williams, mixed about 14 plus trades

siberian iris- 3

cleome lutea, yellow beefplate- 1

mixed daylily - 12

trumpet vine orange - 2

purple cone flower -2

unknown iris seed- 2

unknown hosta- 6

white cosmo's - 1

datura, stramonium, big plant small flower - 1

mixed gladiolas 4

hot pink, kiss me over the garden gate- 2

asiatic lily, yellow or orange, - 1

perennial, 2005, saponaria, tall- 1

purple iris- 1

datura, white night blooming, annual, fragrant- 1

fever few- 1

cali poppy - 1

gypsophila, covent garden,- 1

annual, atroplex, hortensis, edible, -1

lantana- orange- 1

mimosa tree- 5

candle bush, yellow - 3

butterfly bush, royal red - 1

datura, single white bush- 1

datura, triple white- 3

golden dew drops- 1

pea bush, yellow-1

wisteria tree- 5 seeds

cosmo, purple - 3

sweet pea, little sweet heart, mixed--1

wisteria vine, tin soldier- 6 seeds

lavatera, shrub like -1

penstemon, white wild flower- 1

monkey grass- 3

mixed columbine- 3

shasta daisy- 2

hibiscus, flower of the hour- 5

white proso millet, bird seed- 1

lantana- 3

mexican sunflower- 3

cassia bush, yellow- 2

sweet bubbie shrubs- 3

fernleaf bleeding heart- 1

oragon grape bush- 2 ( nonedible)

rattlebox pea- 1


cantelope, unknown, sweet - 14 ( clean seeds)

cantelope, unknown, sweet, 10 trades ( unclean dried seeds)

unknown watermelon- 7

cherry tree seeds, edible, - 2

salad greens- 1

jiant parsley of italy - 1

basil, purple- 1

italian blistered lettuce leaf basil- 2

lettuce, simpson's curled - 1

peach tree- 3 seeds

watermelon, sugar babies- 1

strawberries, wonder alpine- 1-

strawberries, ruegen alpine- 1

carrot, danvers half long- 1

popcorn- 2

lemon mint- 1

thanks ,

miss daisy

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Miss Daisy,

Although Sansevierias could possibly be grown from seed, that is seldom done (especially by the beginner). Usually Sans are propagated by divisions or cuttings.

I would strongly urge you to research the plants you think you might be interested in before asking for them. Some plants are much harder to grow than others. Some take special care or require special environments. Others may be invasive or have some undesirable quality. Basically, I think you'll have much better luck using the internet or other resource to study potential acquisitions before trying to acquire them.

You might also have better luck posting a general request for seeds or plants in the Seed or Plant Exchange Forums.

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