have: several sans divisions usa only

seniorflippyfloppySeptember 12, 2011

Does anyone trade here anymore?

I have several stem props of S. cylindrica (or so it's named on the nursery tag) all on their own roots since early summer.Also two divisions of this plant.

Two, possibly three offsets of S. bally (tag has the Lav number)

Two or Three offsets of S suffruticosa

Two offsets of S parva (these are darker than internet photos with very little mottling)

One large single division of S moonshine

I'll try to post photos tonight.

Some of the Sans plants that I'm loomking for are:


concinna 'Lake Sibaya'

'Doris Pfennig'

eilensis (Chahinian) was LAV 10178




Lav 1970

Lav 24561

Lav. 24977

Lavranos 23251

Lav 23295

Lav 23395

Lav 23152

Lav 23319




Robusta Big Fat Thick Leaf variety, I have the other one


'Wangala station'

There are also a couple of the spoon leaved species I'm interested in.

I have all of the trifasciata and hahnii clones I want.

Feel free to make me an offer. Small offsets, divisions or pups are prefered. In many cases a rootable leaf is acceptable.



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I have all that you want, but you have none that I want. Sorry I would love to trade Crasulady2@dslextreme.com
When your pictures are posted I may change my mind. The Lav. # means nothing to me with out a name. or picture.

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