I'm so glad.....

CA KateFebruary 26, 2005

I'm so glad I bury the plant labels in the ground next to a plant. I found mangled plant labels; totally washed-away info on labels, (who sugggested writing on labels with paint pens!?) ; and no labels at all when we were cleaning the back hill garden. I finally discovered what some of these were by digging around until I found 'Bee's Bliss' and Meadow Sage labels hidden in the dirt.

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Westelle, that's a good tip. I don't bury mine completely so I can find the lable and plant.

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I do this too. I bought some little thick plastic lables at Lowe's and write the name with a laundry marker too and stick these down if I buy something in a package that doesn't have a name lable.

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I have bought those tin labels that you can carve the name on and tie them to a part of the plant usually woodie plants .Sometimes they survive winter sometimes they don't The only reliable id for me is writing it down in my garden book. Sarah

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