germination time?

Dianita(z7 MD)February 22, 2005


I posted this question at the end of a long discussion and got no replies, so here goes again, as a separate posting:

How long does it take for annual salvia "blue victoria" to germinate?

I've got about 13 peat pots, watered with dilute chamomile tea, and the seeds are exposed to light, and yet only one has germinated (the day after I set it down!) I did wait till just this month to harvest the seeds, so they were naturally "stratified". It has been 11 days.

Anybody have any suggestions? Or am I being too impatient? I am just confused since that one germinated already! :)

Thank you!

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sfmiller(z7 MD)

Don't give up on them yet. The Salvia farinaceas (of which "Victoria" is one) can be irregular germinators, and eleven days isn't that long. In past years, I've seen no germination of "Victoria" for 2 weeks. This year, about a quarter of them were up within 5 days, most of the remainder within 2 weeks, and a few are just popping up now, in the fourth week.

I'd give them at least a couple more weeks. If you have them in a cool spot, try moving them somewhere warmer.


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