pineapple sage w/ brown spots

rembetika(austin, TX)March 25, 2006


i have a pineapple sage in a clay pot that looks pretty healthy except for one thing- most of the leaves have dry brown patches on them (at least one per leaf- but not on the new upper leaves). it gets about 6 hrs of sun per day, and i keep it watered. is this common, and what could be causing it? (i can post a pic if i need to.) thanks!

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

This sounds like overwatering, especially if its environment is either too cool or too dark or both. Lift the plant out of its pot and inspect the roots. They should be nearly white for new roots to light tan or yellow for mature ones. If they are as dark as the medium, you may have root rot from cold, wet, and not enough air.

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