Southern Pink Moth or Pink Southern Moth

susanlynne48(OKC7a)March 18, 2012

Last year, this little moth completely devastated most of my Salvia plants. Lady in Red did bloom, but the blooms were fewer and distorted in many cases.

Most affected was, of course, S. 'Black & Blue'. Least affected was S. darcyi.

I cannot use BT because I have a butterfly and moth garden. I find little on the Internet except for people who think this is a "cute, pretty little pink moth". A moth caterpillar that eats and shreds your foliage, and consumes the blooms, is not a cute pretty little pink moth. The plants look bad not only due the moth caterpillars feeding, but the frass all over the leaves as well.

Does anyone else have problems with this little moth, or know anything about it - such as are they cyclic?


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This moth destroys many of my salvia flowers too. I use Bayer Advance Rose & Flower Insect Killer and it works great. I spray it in the evenings so that the hummingbirds and bees are not exposed to it. It protects the plants for about 30 days or longer.

I don't like pesticides but found there isn't much choice against these guys.

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Anygreen, thanks for your response. I may have to resort to that, but it will be my last choice. I raise butterflies and moths (not THIS moth, but Sphinx species), and I don't want to risk it. That leads me to think of the effect it could have on the night-flying sphinx. I may have to stop growing the Salvias most affected.

Anyway, thanks so much!


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Once the spray dries your moths, etc. can feed on the flowers with no problems. Are your plants small enough that maybe you could temporarily tent or put bags over the buds that you spray until dry?

Out of curiousity, what kind of Salvias are getting attacked?

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