MidAtlantic Salvias

sujiwan_gwMarch 6, 2010

I have a love affair with whatever salvias (and agastaches) I can find! I grow the hardy ones but adore those that come from the west and won't survive my PA/MD cold, wet soil. Sadly, the choices I find seem to be narrowing. A small scale place close by used to carry all types of salvias but they closed down and no one else I've found seems to be offering more than a smattering of the typical fare. I've ordered from High Country Gardens but sometimes the weather during shipping affects the plants en route and they are toast on arrival. Who do you use as your resources and when do you order?


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You may want to try Sweet Necter Nursery they have some interesting things. The other option is to go to Plant Delights Nursery (unless you have already done so).
Option 3 is grow some of your own, order seed online
and put in a small cold frame to get a jumpstart on the season.

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Don't forget Rich Dufresne and A World of Salvias. He is also in North Carolina along with Plant Delights. If you email him, he will send you a list of available Salvias/


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