New French Salvia Book

robinmi_gwMarch 31, 2008

"La Connaissance des Sauges" by Christian Froissart is now published. It is the most comprehensive book on Salvias to date, and is essential for all Salvia lovers...and the French is easy to understand.

It can be ordered online from the publisher at

or from

Also signed copies are available from the author who can be contacted at

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What does "and the French is easy to understand" mean? Ha!

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peterls(N Yorks, UK)

Many thanks for the information Robin. I have just ordered a copy.

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You won't regret it, I promise! This book is superb, in spite of a few surprising omissions and a few spelling errors. It is more comprehensive than any recent publication, and the photos are beautiful.

Botanical terms are fairly English/French dictionary will be immensely helpful.

Sure you will enjoy it....Robin.

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peterls(N Yorks, UK)

Have just received my copy - superb. Beautiful photos and with 213 species covered, not counting hybrids, it has more entries than any other book. But it is not an alternative to Clebsch, Sutton or Yeo, it compliments them.

Its title could be translated as the 'Identification of Salvias', because thats exactly what it does. It covers source, description, culture and propagation etc, but it also has a key, which will allow you to identify any unknown Salvia to one of 14 subgenuses. And another key which will allow you to fully identify any Salvia, as long it is in the book. This is done by asking simple questions such as are the stamen longer or shorter than the corolla. According to the answer there are other questions which will ultimately lead to to the individual species.

Its just what was needed and I think its going to be very useful

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